Criminal Profiling in Reverse

by Ryu

NOT leading investigators to the criminal, but instead leading criminals find the appropriate crime for them.

Most DAAs get caught because they have choosen the wrong crime. This is one of those “macro-factors” which isn’t often considered.

Every crime – arson, homicide, robbery, larceny, etc – has a typical offender profile. Criminals specialize just as cops, soldiers and businessmen do and for exactly the same reasons. Robbers generally don’t kill, rapists generally don’t use arson, and so on.

A certain honesty is required to do this well. There’s no profit in lying to oneself. There is no need to give the answers to another person. Thinking about questions and responses can help one approach the ideal:


Prefer alone or in groups?

Planned or impulsive?

Risk tolerance?

There is a place in WN for every possible combination.

Virtually everyone who has gotten away with it in the long run has discovered their niche. We shall only mention a few examples.

Carlos the Jackal. Carlito was a turrist-for-hire for about 20 years. He did some very heavy work including kidnapping OPEC leaders and ransoming them for 20 million dollars.

Ted Kaczynski – the best bomber ever. For 20 years the feds chased him and never even got close. In the end, it was his manifesto and forensic document examination that busted him. What made him great is that he developed his own methods while making most parts by hand, eliminating the part-tracking methods used by the FBI and ATF.

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