The American Detective’s Secret Weapon

by Ryu


Cops don’t believe ANYTHING non-cops say. They don’t believe family members, EMTs, firefighters or soldiers. I cannot exaggerate how little they believe what civilians say.

They are to be praised for a realistic view of human nature; if only they applied the same ideas to other cops, they would be truly great.

There’s no magic in how police solve tough investigations. They want the public to “cooperate” but they don’t believe them anyways. Virtually any action leaves physical evidence. It’s just a matter of finding it.

It’s a very pessimistic but accurate view of people. This can damage a person, even as they learn more about how things really work. Some, like Firepower, have this naturally.

Learn your ABCs:

Accept nothing.

Believe nothing.

Challenge everything.

Investigators are the brains of the cop operation. There’s a public face and there’s how they really feel. To the public, they’ll say they are protectors, the good guys, fighing evil. In private, it’s just another job.

A long investigation is cash in the bank. Ka-ching, overtime baby! They get paid whether it is solved or not. How much do you think they care about one investigation out of hundreds?

The major reason why cops sometimes get away with a crime (for awhile) is that other cops don’t suspect them. Cops have raped, burned, killed, stolen, beat up, and everything else.

5 Comments to “The American Detective’s Secret Weapon”

  1. Cops ect. are legally allowed to lie.Some hide evidence.

  2. Not on topic, but read some of the comments, this is the mentality we are dealing with:

    ‘you are only not free to spread hatred of the weak and the powerless.’

    I want to beat the shit out of these pathetic people

    • Nothing is off-topic here, EK. Looks like you went out and found an antifa thread.

      I see, right at the top of that threat, a bunch of BS rules designed to protect the weak and the the liberals.

      Beating the shit out of people is not a good idea today, EK. Most of the beaten will rat, unless the beating is very severe.

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