Moderate WNs ARE MORE Dangerous Than Extemists

by Ryu

There are two great dangers in WN.

One is being arrested or killed. This is fairly easy to avoid and is only a danger to a few DAAs.

The other danger is not going far enough. Is Donald Trump truly the end-desire and dream of WNs?

The system has budgeted certain compromises. They’ll allow Trump to be president, WNs to post online, or some moderate WNs to tour the country and give speeches. They will not allow calls to violence, anti-semitism, or direct action. As always, only the weak measures are legal. All truly revolutionary methods are illegal.

It would be a shame to spend many years and a thousand troubles to merely get table-scraps. So far, WNs have been happy with the smallest morsel. Donald Trump is that smallest morsel.

There are two dominant human emotions: fear and greed. WNs know fear well; We must learn how to be greedy, how to press. Just as it is a skill to play it from the bottom, being weak and submissive, it is also a skill to be dominant.

WN only moves in one direction: more.

…and when America has been cleansed of our enemies, Europe. Then South Africa and Australia. We have work for men of every appetite; there must a new Aryan Redoubt and a spreading across the globe.

22 Comments to “Moderate WNs ARE MORE Dangerous Than Extemists”

  1. You are right. Our whole mindset has to change.

  2. Ryu…

    You must continue to carefully construct the frame that you can most truthfully impress upon your friends and goes alike understanding that the ultimate aim is white Supremacy.

    Where there is real white nationalism THERE MUST BE white Supremacy and where there is no white Supremacist OR animosity towards white Supremacy, there CANNOT BE white nationalism. Treat this like 2 > 1. Make “it” an indestructible hierarchy and then see how you expose the enemy as they attempt to deconstruct this order…


    Attempt to break this hierarchy and one shows their face and all its obscene pockmarks.

    Attempt to invert this hierarchy (equality>nationalism>wn>wS) and show yourself to be a radical autonomist.

    • That’s the mentality I have, TD, the inequality.

    • There isn’t anything supreme with most contemporary individuals who profess wS, for the reasons of radical autonomy.

      • JS…

        Only a few will ever close the gap. But so what?

        YOU STILL strive towards objective Supremacy, white or not.

      • That’s correct. So called most “WS” in our current America want their own brand of radical autonomy, a reactionary to LN radical autonomy. Radical autonomy is now synonymous with “American Dream” on steroids, outgrowth of our degenerate, over-consumerist society and hedonistic culture of haves and have nots of petty materialism. LNs have taken such privilege from certain groups who also want it, hence, America’s bickering factions of who should get more of the radical autonomy apple pie.

  3. Radical movements can succeed, its question of life and death for Whites to overthrow the current system.

  4. It is OK for blm,satanists,zionists and black panthers to say,write,promote kill whitey. It is equally dangerous for whiggers to associate with them.

  5. Trump isn’t WN, and he isn’t even alt-right. Politically he is a conservative Democrat from about 1990.

    What he represents is a dam breaking. What he represents is loss of control by the system. Once people can accept Trump- against the massive effort to destroy him- leftists have lost the ability to control people through boundaries and taboos.

    Rather than resting, WNs must make a big push to promote WN, and if they do they will see a huge increase in interest and many new believers.

    • I have found that too, Thrashy. We have many new recruits because of him.

      • Every wS needs first train his mind in the reaction to the ultimate betrayal. If he can somehow come to an explicit indifference to the frequenting reality of all the phenomenological derivatives then somewhere here he can find a solid connnection between his free will and a piece of mind possessing a peace of mind.

    • Middle witelandia voted for Trump, citing their long grievance of Murka’s preference for MINOs, when it comes to funding of radical autonomy. Trump is set to assert more radical autonomy for these less funded wites and the tug o war continues.

      Whites have demonstrated throughout history — supremacy was always achieved with one’s effort, and lifestyle is achieved independently of money. Murka’s radical autonomy: its lifestyle is a cheap consumable tied to an artificial construct of money and status, and those who get the most privilege of radical autonomy reigns in supreme.

      “White privilege” should be taken as radical autonomy privilege, as many wites are now upset about such privilege being taken away from them. Meanwhile non-Whites point fingers of racism when radical autonomy is also taken away from them…and the vicious cycle continues as to who gets the most radical autonomy…

      • The ideological process of liberation is a perpetuating self-annihilation with desire for “radical autonomy” BOTH the individual impetus and his personal denial.

        Sexually regenerate whites in MRKA are the last holdouts against this global liberating process.

        Russia –> Germany –> America…

        The most sexually regenerate whites targeted over time for their resistance to an existence of perpetuating self-annihilation.

      • MRKA’s consumerism = the most pathological path towards radical autonomy leading to self-annihilation

        Middle MRKAN wites and other less funded related groups have been left behind in this radical autonomous game — and were mainly responsible for putting Trump on the throne as to set things straight – the new motto “America should be the land of equal radical autonomy for everyone”.

        Anglo Western entites are the 1st to self-annhilate coming from their sole purpose of money lust and over-consumption, creating this liberating effect of perpetual self destructing pleasure that is anti-civilization — MRKA comes 1st in line, then the UK and Canada following closely towards this same path….non-wites who live in these entities practice the same game of radical autonomy, and decry racism when it’s taken away from them. racism = anti-white supremacy or for a better term, racism = denial of destructive pleasures which were granted to wites

      • JS…

        Absolutely… So a “default elite” emerges spontaneously from a mass of perpetuating self-annihilators with individual “winners” being those who come last (per inverted reality) OR provoke Final Liberation in one’s most proximate rivals (usually family and friends first).

      • MRKAN elites have been playing the radical autonomy game — sinking the Titanic — while the music is playing for eons, since the 1960s as far back, when most of us can remember, as the ship is going to submerge underwater… the final ultimatum for MRKA to non-existence.

        Trump is just another default elite, onboard with a life-jacket at one end, trying to halt the sinking, tagging along a certain group he deems necessary, before the entire thing submerges, along with its self-annihilators.

  6. I predicted Eradica dead if Firepower rejected conversion to genuine white Supremacy.

    Some wS will be duty bound to the reality of Eradica, but any white Eradican not duty bound to wS cannot be anything but dangerously suspect.

    • I would reply, that WNs do not want White Supremacy. It is too difficult.

      What WNs really want, as evidenced by its tremendous popularity, is WN-lite. Something like Donald Trump. More than that, they fear.

      You know these things already. I see the progress you have made at PA’s. Yet, how many years did that take?

      • Perhaps “we” train long so that the white son shall learn quickly?

      • Maybe, TD. Education is a hard thing. One finds it difficult to impart knowledge in a perfect way.

      • This would be TD’s narrative in layman’s term for those failing at WS:

        Qualities like courage, prudence, excellence, discipline and intelligence, not very apparent among many WN types or just the average Murkan for that matter, whose aim is the pursuit of one’s own radical autonomy to counteract any radical autonomy of the other.

        Murka’s crisis or current conflict, is that one group has too much privilege to radical autonomy, and one group doesn’t want the other group to have more of it.

      • Yep. WNs have to counter these American values. A WN who is money-hungry, in the sense where he wants to earn it. Stealing it, is another thing.

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