I Want to be a Hero…One Last Time

by Ryu

It is a hard thing to retire from policing and soldiering.

The day you turn in your badge, uniform and service pistol, you become a civilian again. A nobody. No longer a hero, no longer a member of the brotherhood; just like before you started.

All the power and authority you had were only on loan. Eventually the government takes it back and hands it to some other kid. You realize it wasn’t you people respected and feared, but the government.

Some ex-cops and ex-soldiers manage to ekk out a life outside. They work a boring job, drink alcohol and watch TV like everyone else. It doesn’t have the rush of carrying a gun, but its a living.

…there is one way to be the hero again. Death.

Dead, you will again get the hero reception, the 21 gun salute, the full motorcade. Your family will congratulated for having such a heroic son. They may get a piece of your pension, buriel benefits, and insurance.

It’s not a hard choice to make: live as nobody, or die as somebody. In a way, it is why men join in the first place.

450-500 police officers commit suicide each year. About 30 vets commit suicide per day. Most of these suicides are white males.

They know what’s happening to the white race. WN is no shock to them. You can’t help but to know when women and minos work in the offices while white men work on the street. The US military is still 80% white, and the police 70% white.

The mystery of cops and soldier suicides, solved. Expect more in the future.

11 Comments to “I Want to be a Hero…One Last Time”

  1. If just 1% of those police & soldiers who commit suicide could be recruited as suicide assassins…….. I think we need to find a new religion that would encourage this. I don’t think Islam is the answer. A blood / ancestor based religion.

  2. Instead of recruiting them as suicide-assassins, why not just recruit them as assassins. If they’re going to kill themselves because they can’t take the boredom, give them something exciting to do again. Sure, they may die in the process of doing whatever, but it doesn’t have to be by their own hands.

    • Exactly… “White” self-annihilation IS THE “system” and one only facilitates this “system” for personal gain. And then to claim “wn” allegiance is an exponentially dubious self-deception that lands one squarely in the realm of radical autonomist, i.e., loyal to no one and nothing but thyself.

    • People tend to recruit themselves, “self-radicalize” in system jargon. I don’t think we can do much more than support their decision.

      • Ryu…

        To self-radicalize in the strictest sense is to possess loyalty to no one and nothing except thyself WHICH becomes its own refutation as a fundamental desire to lend loyalty rears its “ugly” head AFTERALL.

        The DESIRE is loyalty to that which is worthy AND NOT absolute destruction of even the mere concept of worthiness so as to null and void any question or perception of white man’s deep need to show loyalty to that which is most worthy… THIS DESIRE for loyalty to that which is worthy is an expression of white man’s ordered mind.

      • You self-radicalized, didn’t you TD? Who taught you your ideology?

      • Ryu…

        I don’t conceive white Supremacy as ideological…

        Genuine white Supremacy transcends logical idea.

        The Perfect Man exists…

        Thus, “universal equality” is falsified as highest reality.

        This is a heathly-minded white man’s operational starting point.

        All divergent paths are “radical autonomy.”

        The basic assumption is that the Game never ends MAKING THE MOST WEAK incredibly desirous for total annihilation.

        The only step that can truly be defined as “radical” is the last one at Final Liberation. All preceding steps are cuck steps, liberated limbo and progressive regression. The antithesis… The anti-radical… He who rejects Final Liberation and total annihilation… He JUST IS of sound mind. He JUST DOES desire objective Supremacy… He becomes keenly aware of all acts of self-annihilation due his desire to diverge and deviate and delve into “radical autonomy.” He then rejects such acts with relentless vigor.

        To sustain this constant battle with the forces of Final Liberation REQUIRES a will to Perfection.

        This individual white man is a white Supremacist, SELF-EVIDENTLY.

        Redress, press and impress.

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