San Anton Cop Hands Out Shit-Sandwiches

by Ryu


Cops view citizens as sheep, useless eaters. The primary job of the police now is revenue generation. The more tickets they write and the more people they arrest, the better they look.

In this story, a San Antonio pig gives out shitwiches to the homeless.

4 Comments to “San Anton Cop Hands Out Shit-Sandwiches”

  1. Hate can make one do extreme things.

  2. The “homeless.” I remember a few years ago, some stupid rookie gave some supposedly homeless guy his own shoes in winter. Later it was found out the bum had a place in Queens and just liked begging. So let those “homeless” eat shit.

    • We have people where I live who sit on the corner with a sign all day. I’ve heard that they can make over 15$/hour doing that, which is better than many in the working class.

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