“I’m curious and want to learn more…”

by Ryu

When searching for the rarest of WNs, we want to look for a certain curiousity, where others feel revulsion or horror.

Everyone claims to want to know “why.” Why did this happen? Why was this person or that chosen?

For most, this question is rhetorical. They cannot accept or fully comprehend the answer. If they did, they would find that “evil” (or what is called evil) is extremely common.

In fact, everyone has it. The Stanford Experiment shows this clearly. Give a man a uniform and authority and he too will become a Nazi. American soldiers have killed 3 million since the War on Terror began, half a Holocaust. Rather than condemning them for this, the American people cheer them on.

Certain questions are never asked by the common man. What of God? He has killed entire races, starved them to death, plagues and so on. It was He who ordered the flood which destroyed humanity.

Is this “right” or “just”? Or – are Christians just obeying God because he has the most power? If so, their faith is the same as the response to an armed robber. Is this the proper basis for admiration and worship?

We only write for a certain population here. Most will never be able to do it without permission. It is a very special and rare gift. To find and develop that is our mission.

10 Comments to ““I’m curious and want to learn more…””

  1. It’s rather simple, might is right, and nazis are only bad because they lost.

    To quote El Rushbo:

    “The world is governed by the aggressive use of force and the purpose of war is, and the purpose of militaries, is to kill people and break things, that’s how you win!” – Rush Limbaugh

  2. Back in the 90’s, G.Gordon Liddy, on his radio show, made a distinction between “malum prohibitum” and “Malum in se” while explaining the right to self-defense; this opened my mind in ways no one had before. For the uninitiated, malum prohibitum is used to described acts which are wrong because there are laws that say they are- in other words, due to human decree, Malum in se is used to describe acts which are wrong on their own merits- call it God’s decree if you must, call it ethics if you’re more of an atheist, but everyone *should understand the core concept here.

    Going back to Liddy’s point, everyone can agree that murder, which by definition is the calculated taking of another’s life, is wrong, but the taking of another’s life in order to protect your own life or the life of another is the right thing to do. Just look at the laws regarding “homicide”. They are generally broken down into various degrees of right and wrong. Generally, they will be classified from the extremes of Murder 1 (egregiously killing another in cold blood) to Manslaughter (you killed someone, but it was more of an accident- think of a traffic collision where someone happened to die as a result.) Anywhere in that spectrum, you have still caused a death and can and will be prosecuted and tried by a jury of your, ahem, peers for your actions.

    Because it’s apparently Latin day in this comment, I’m going to go with some argumentum absurdum. A common theoretical device used is “If you could go back in time to kill Hitler before he could come to power, and thus save 6 million j00s, would you?” Most people would, without hesitation, say yes, because it is the expected answer, and they don’t understand how history works. History works because sometimes their is a man (every once in a while it’s a woman, but these are the exceptions that prove the rule) who is the right man at the right time to push forward necessary change. To understand the Hitler question here, one must take a balanced look at what he did for Germany, which were the things that got so many people pissed off at him in the first place. In destroying j00ish influence in Germany, he not only created the greatest national economic turnaround in the 20th century, but he created the conditions which allowed for a cultural revival… two things j00s despise.

    Wheaties need to understand such distinctions, as lack of comprehension enables them to back ridiculous agendas such as supporting one-sided “hate crime” laws, in the same breath they squawk for “equality under the law”. This explains, in part, why there has been no outcry for “knockout game”/”polar bear hunting” to be added to the list of “hate crimes”; mostly, because the media has done a pretty good job of burying the scope and severity of these attacks.

    And sometimes, you just have to do the wrong thing before you can do the right thing.

    • WNs needs cops of our own to police whites. You have the right stuff.

      The survivalists were dead wrong; it was not soldiers who they should have studied, but cops. They are the standing army to be defeated.

      You would be naturally good at it, BTR. It would increase your situational awareness many times over. All the best training and literature comes from the 1970s and 1980s.

  3. THe best way to enhance situational awareness is to put yourself in situations where it can be the difference between life and death, freedom or prison. THe best way to study cops is to deal with them in a wide variety of circumstances. They act much differently when you are helping them defuse a situation than they do when you are putting them into a situation where they have to file paperwork over a malum prohibitum crime, and different still when you put them in a situation where their lives may be at risk.

    As a cabbie, I ran into a situation where I went on a police call to pick up a couple who were driving home from shopping in a car with freshly-expired tags. The male had a gun and a concealed-carry permit. The cops wanted to know if I wanted them to confiscate the gun; I reasoned that if he went through the trouble to get a CC permit, probably not willing to use it to forcibly rob me, so I said no, he could keep it. You can only imagine the look on the cops’ faces at that answer. When I got them to their destination, a trailer park in the middle of a shitty part of town, I felt good about not disarming people who had a legitimate need for self defense.Not only did I not get robbed, but I got an above-average tip and semi-regular customers out of the deal. And the cops did not get to disarm (largely) law-abiding citizens.

    I would add this caveat to the idea that the best training and lit comes from the 70s and 80s: Technology has changed the game in ways that were not predicted, thus not really discussed, back then. I can remember learning programming on a zx-81 with 2kB of memory built in (and mowing lawns to save up for the 16 kB upgrade module). That much memory is contained in an IP pack everytime you fire a bullet in an online shooter. So there is just one example of a tech gap over that time period; not to ignore the 4 C’s that can be used to track you, etc, etc, etc. Other than that, the core competencies never change, only their application.

    • But “human” technololgy has not changed at all, BTR.

      The human body is the same as it was in the 80s. Cops in that age had to deal with the crime and drugs of that era. Nothing today compares to that. Much of the modern academy is fluff, sensitivity training and PC. The 1980s was the last white decade.

      You would see this for yourself. Young officers today patrol with the windows up, shades on, sometimes even playing on their iphones. They have lost a great deal of human skill. Many have 4 year criminal justice degrees and are liberal nazis, in thought at least. Almost like sticking hipsters in uniform.

      I would compare it in the difference between a white pioneer and a modern system white. We have more “technology” but are inferior in every other aspect.

      • The Western aesthetic of the cop/soldier HAS BEEN EFFECTIVELY destroyed by what amounts to a total focus on the thesis/antithesis aspect of the Hegelian dialectic WHICH could by predicted on account of a GIVEN dull mass. In other words, a dull mass EQUALS degenerate focus on one side of the equation TO THE ABSOLUTE DISREGARD for the SYNTHESIS…


        If one can “see” both thesis/antithesis AND synthesis THEN the Hegelian dialectic is clearly not the highest Truth ALTHOUGH it is the “highest truth” for the dull mass who is perpetually locked into the cheerleading aspect of thesis/antithesis.

        So cops and soldiers IN THE WEST can appear as anything, i.e., radically autonomous. There is no SYNTHESIS in MRKA… There is the Hollywood and alt-rite manufactured idea of cop/soldier aesthetically demonous and there the reality on the ground of cop/soldiers with cartoonish appearance to criminally-eyed all the way to beauties and Butch Dyke.

  4. are Christians just obeying God because he has the most power? Yes. AND you are supposed to “love” him. It’s insane. Might is Right!

  5. There comes a point after long abuse where enacting revenge is the greatest pleasure. Like against those persons responsible for importing millions of fighting-age men into the West

    • That is something the system doesn’t understand. The more they supress us, the more they anger us.

      • You’re wrong Ryu… This “system” KNOWS it “angers” you and HOW DEBILITATING that is for the dull white mass. Your training is in the 1%er realm YET that does not truly explain the schism betweeen a conscious (white) Supremacist and an unconscious anti-white Supremacist. So even if you are adept at channeling your anger into defeat of Evil, it does not mitigate the deleterious effect of your “anger, ” itself, and the semi-conscious realization that Evil is eternal and so is YOUR Fight.

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