The American Police’s Secret Investigative Technique…Revealed

by Ryu


Simple enough? We try to use the simple and true explanation.

Police and detectives lie their asses off. This makes it easier to obtain confessions. Confessions are cheap, while forensics is expensive.

99% of the job is “using the uniform.” Hide behind that uniform and badge and let those scare the suspect. This will work most of the time. Human imagination and the magical power of reputation tend to make things worse than they are.

Cops are not different from ordinary Americans. They like to think they are though. They drink alcohol, abuse their wives, cheat on spouses, ignore their children; they lie, cheat, and steal.

They don’t give a rip about the public. Do you? They have to act like they do, which is not the same. They just want to collect their paycheck and go home, like everyone else. It is the same as a barista at Starbucks – they have to lie about liking people so they can get paid.

My personal favorite:

“This was a pretty horrendous crime…busting into a house like that and beating people and holding a gun to people’s heads. You can imagine the terror that was going through their heads. So its great to get these guys off the street.”

Was this a swat raid or a home invasion? Both. They have a same effect on the home owner. Police look at the good when they do it, and the bad when “criminals” do it. Now you know the trick.

4 Comments to “The American Police’s Secret Investigative Technique…Revealed”

  1. Off topic, here is the 2016 version of Rambams talk:

    Privacy, Anonymity, and Individuality The Final Battle Begins

    It’s slightly different from the 2015 one and worth re-watching.

  2. I didn’t know it would embed, here is the link if you prefer that.

  3. Two can play at that game, though silence is preferable to lying.

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