Seriel Killer Cops: James Duckett

by Ryu

Oh yes! You can find just about anything if you look hard enough. There have indeed been cops who tried killing without permission.

Tire impression evidence led the make in this case. This is something any cop would be aware of. Instead, he relied on his uniform to get away with it, because cops don’t do those sort of things.

4 Comments to “Seriel Killer Cops: James Duckett”

  1. Remember the french connection when the dope from the biggest heroin bust in nycpd was stolen from the property room. Or serpico who had to leave zoomurkia because of dirty cops

    • The property room is one of the best places for a cop to get his drugs. In the 70s and 80s, they used to keep some of the drugs they seized to pay off their informants. Even to this day, murkan cops hate Serpico.

  2. Time to start thinking about what happens after Her Heinous and her Army of Illegals steal the election tomorrow. Hope it will make people more radical and willing to act more radical too.

  3. That makes me wonder what they HAVE gotten away with

    If we could see all the world’s secrets our understanding of reality would transform

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