Investigative Keys

by Ryu

Or “holdback evidence.”

This is evidence the investigators keep quiet. Only the police and the perpetrator know it exists.

Common investigative keys:

– how vic was killed
– caliber of weapon used
– entry route to crime scene
– exit route to crime scene
– location of wounds
– face up or face down
– time of crime
– shoe impressions
– tire tracks

“Homicide victim found dead in the Bronx on Thursday. His identity is not yet released, pending NYPD investigation.”

That’s what the generic police statement is. Then they’ll work the case for a few days. If they can’t ID the vic or develop a suspect in that time, they will appeal to the public for help, offering rewards and anonymity.

Police State Murka is a reality. It doesn’t take much to get a search warrant. Very commonly investigators want a SW for the: house, car, cell phone records, computer, credit card and bank statements. These are all magnets for evidence.

One Comment to “Investigative Keys”

  1. I don’t like the look of things. Dark times ahead.

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