How to ID and Lose a Tail

by Ryu


Americans today are in a terrific rush. Faster! More! They can’t wait to get there. They cannot stand to sit and just wait for anything. They need to constantly check their little iphone thing.

Drive slower than average. Move slower.

Virtually no one in America takes his time anymore. You will spot trouble faster if you go slow. 5-10 mph lower than the posted speed limit is enough.

If someone does hang behind you, it means one of two things. The person might be stupid and old. Or, it may be a tail.

Murkan cops are suspicious of those who drive slow. They think the driver might be intoxicated or on drugs. In that case, drive normally. If they sit behind you for a long time, they probably want something.

10 Comments to “How to ID and Lose a Tail”

  1. But if you need something done it takes them a year and day to get it done and usually not done right if att all

    • So, don’t rely on their help. Don’t talk to police at all unless you absolutely have to. If you absolutely have to, make sure you have a good lawyer on retainer (or at least as a contact).

      And don’t think that just because you didn’t break the law, you don’t need to be leery. Everything’s a crime, thus everyone;s a criminal.

  2. I have alot of information on my page that other Eradicans may like

  3. I lost a copmobile tailing me for expired tags by getting in the slower turning lane. When I’m driving I’m never in a hurry.

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