On the Meaning of This Site’s Name: Eradica

by Ryu

More than anything else, it is the arithmetic of our demographic crisis which ***GUARANTEES**** that WNs must become more extremist.

Humanity adds on the net 70 million people each year. The vast majority of those are black, brown or yellow; minos.

Just to maintain our current demographic standing, 70 million minos need to die each year. Divided by 365 days in a year, this is about 200,000 people per day.

Humanity has never seen the level of slaughter necessary for the white race to secure itself a future. Herr Hitler and Comrade Stain were moderates. Most WNs too are overmoderate in relation to the things they claim to want.

We have never lied to ourselves here. There are no legal revolutions…anywhere! WN represents a total revolution from the American system. Nothing changes except with a pile of bodies, either ours or theirs.

24 Comments to “On the Meaning of This Site’s Name: Eradica”

  1. Ryu: Murkan wites don’t even come close to this:


    Puerto Rican Separatists wanted to remain independent from American rule, stormed the Capitol and tried to shot a bunch of Cuntgresses. No one died, but tell me if any other group comes this close ever.

    KKKs were busy lynching coloreds not to realize, while their wite fellas up in DC, were in the process of destroying a wite majority nation in the 1950s.

    • I remember that one, JS. It’s something to be proud of.

      • The interesting thing is that the Puerto Rican Nationalists believed in self rule. American Cuntgresses said no and wanted more immigration from the island — this happened sort of like what Dick Cheney wanted from Iraq, by ruling the island, America would send its capitalists to out compete, extract resources and then decimate the local economy, turning it into a 3rd world shit hole. This would led to a displaced demographic, where its poor population would want to immigrate into the mainland, which happened. Waves of poor Puerto Ricans ended up in New York during the 60s and 70s. Uncle Beast is all about profits and nothing else. The immigrants that come here, and the politicians get their votes and skim their share of the welfare programs made out for them. Evil, yet very brilliant. It happened a long time ago. It happens that we’re are seeing it in full swing.

      • Yeah, it’s too bad their movement mostly died. I think PR would do better without US interference.

      • The key issue: The shootings of our cuntgress men at the capital by a bunch of Puerto Ricans in the 1950s is rarely mentioned in our discourse. There were no assassination attempts of politicos with the exception of the McKennedies and Raygun.

        Wites in Merica, didn’t do anything to stop elites from destroying their country, when the police state was much weaker. This become almost impossible in Murka, when most are even less willingly and the police state is a lot stronger.

  2. If you only have one option left, you cannot actually buy it… And he who sells it has endless supply.

    Eradicate… A FAMILY FIRST is the dead-cold logic of all-out radical autonomy… Eradication is not just MOST PROXIMATE… But most PRECISE… Eradicating that which is the greatest threat to his Eradication… That which is most closely intimate to himself…

    SO HE NEEDS white Supremacy!!!

    Or he eradicates first who he loves SO THAT he can then eradicate ALL who he hates…

  3. You can’t lone wolf your way out of this problem. In general a lone wolf is just going to marginalize whatever type of movement actually needs to happen.

    • I know it, EK. But every WN group I’ve seen has been infiltrated. All of them.

      I admire our DAAs for doing what they can, maybe the most one man can do. Certainly groups like Mossad has “lone wolf” types who do similar actions.

    • Yes EK…

      Buttjew is still a one-man show…

      And if yours be as white Supremacy then you turn a butt jew into the ho.

      • EK…

        There is no personal remedy to a collective pathology so lone-wolfery was never intended to solve the collective decline. YET… You must still be a one-man show for the purpose of extricating yourself from the acute inertia of collective descent… You MUST BE a white Supremacist to transcend the {{{zeitgeist}}} of anti-white Supremacy.

      • That is a good comment, TD. I have never seen you support LWs in that way.

      • Ryu…

        True lone-wolfery is not supported… And it is the very lack of support that defines the essence of lone-wolfery. But there is an aspect of lone-wolfery that is fatalistic BECAUSE the very idea of no support is fatalistic.

        So I prefer the idea of a one-man show… Not out of vanity, but of necessity. Each and every white Supremacist MUST BE A ONE-MAN SHOW…

        Andjew just “no” what {{{they}}} say about the show?

      • You are an expert at being a one-man movement, TD. Your views are very unique, and you have never waivered. I salute you.

  4. ###Humanity adds on the net 70 million people each year. The vast majority of those are black, brown or yellow; minos.

    Just to maintain our current demographic standing, 70 million minos need to die each year. Divided by 365 days in a year, this is about 200,000 people per day###

    Well, you can pin that number on do-gooder wheaties. Wheaties demanded welfare entitlements. Wheaties brought monoculture farming to Africa. Wheaties now demand open-legs immigration policies.

    Why don’t we clean our own house before wrecking the neighborhood?

    • I was wanting to find you again, BTR.

      There’s a story I want to ask you about. Many cabbies are now being accused of “discrimination.” If they see a nigger, cripple, or person with a dog, they won’t stop for them.

      What’s the trick to getting away with it? Put a dummy in the back seat?

      • Can’t speak as to DC cabbies, although that whole place is corrupt, why should cabbies be any different.

        As far as nigs go, they are a much higher flight risk at the end of the trip. That said, most jurisdictions will allow you to ask for a deposit up front, and that will generally weed out potential Usain Bolts from ditching the fare. As far as crime risks… if it’s that big of a concern, you’re in the wrong biz.

        As far as crips go, they’re much less of a flight risk, especially if they’re in a chair. Yeah, you’ll spend a coupleextra minutes loading and unloading the chair (really minimal amount of time if you have your shit together physically and mentally) and most of them are on the dole, so if they have a few extra bucks to give you, they generally will.

        As far as dogs go, if it’s a service animal, they are specially trained and aren’t likely to shit in the car and are well-behaved to boot. You’ll probably want to vaccuum the car out soon afterwards just in case a future rider has allergies, so there is the downtime for that.

        My take: like most DC-ites, they want other peoples’ money for nothing and will bitch about having to do ANY work. And it’s not like there aren’t other public transportation options available. The Metrorail, despite being a good-ol-bruthas club, runs fairly efficiently. Maintain your frame and no one will fuck with you, even if you make the mistake of ending up at the Anacostia station after dark. Thousands of generations evolving in Africa has a way of making one be able to distinguish predator from prey.

      • Thanks, BTR. Where are you spending your WN time these days, or have you been busy?

  5. Very good reasons to get extremist in near future if current polls hold up.

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