Faux Indignation

by Ryu

Much American behavior is about demonstrating moral superiority. We have a more developed moral sense than all of you. In time, after the money and the guns are gone, this is probably all they will have left.

Never lie to yourself. If you don’t care, you don’t care. The death of 2 million Iraqi civilians is as meaningless at 6 million dead Jews. I only care about my people.

This is my all-time fav clip of faux indigation. It’s all funny…until the gun comes out. Then – a tragedy 😦 This guy can turn on a dime.

He’s wrong of course. This is exactly what belongs on TV. A real death. We love violence and we love killing. The more corpses, the better! Blood, guts, sex, money; THAT is America. Not the apology.

Death and poverty are the only two real things left.

6 Comments to “Faux Indignation”

  1. “Radical,” “white,” “Supremacy,” the googly keywords which encapsulate our entire material paradigm.

  2. http://www.texasmilitia.info/
    “It is good if you have had some military training but realize that militia tactics differ from military tactics. The goals of military tactics are to rapidly take and then hold ground while incurring acceptable losses. The militia has no need to rapidly take ground and no need to hold ground. Rather than incur acceptable losses the militia must minimize losses. The military has body armor, medevac, doctors, and hospitals. While the militia has no medevac, no doctors, no hospitals, and few have body armor. The military has re-supply and nearly all the ammo they want while militia resources are limited and our only re-supply would be what we could take from the invaders. The militia trains to fight an extended war of hit and run attrition until the invaders lose the will to fight. The militia teaches guerrilla warfare modified military tactics not military sweep through with acceptable losses tactics.”

    • Thanks! I’m still frightened of groups today. The USG infiltrates such groups routinely now.

      • When I lived in another town for 2 years, a hard right guy thought I was a gov agent but slowly let me into his group, its interesting to think about who might be a mole and how’d you know./

      • There are some good books that deal with this, EK.

        In order to get a solid conviction, moles have to prove certain elements of the crime. Today, entrapment is not a legal defense; this died sometime during the 70s.

  3. I’m never offended by inappropriate comments or content but I get INFURIATED by this world’s useless bureaucracy

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