The American Military and Police Do Not Create Revolutionaries

by Ryu

This “should” be obvious by now.

For all the promises to “…defend the Constitution against internal enemies…” and Oath-Keeping, both the American cops and soldier have proven nothing but their total obediance to their masters.

Yelling at them or appeals to “honor” will not work. No one will ever beat up, piss on, or degrade cops and soldiers as much as their own drill instructors and supervisors. They don’t care about honor because being our enemy’s enforcers is just a job to them.

“A different method produces a different product.”

You can see it every time. Basic training and academy are designed to break the recruit and turn him into a USG-lackey. They get used to fearing the master’s whip; after awhile they won’t even snarl back.

In a way, I now pity them. They’ve been deeply abused, and most will never recover. They don’t even know how bad they’ve been beaten.

WN cannot train its recruits that way.

We don’t have the money, “reputation”, hero-worship from the public or uniforms to offer them. Operating without state approval, and getting away with it, is 1000x times harder than anything they do.

We don’t want men who obey orders. We need men who can take initiative, approximate risk, plan ops, pull the trigger when the time is right, and most important of all – get away with it.

14 Comments to “The American Military and Police Do Not Create Revolutionaries”

  1. Ryu, what do you think the turning point for military men in this hollow empire was? Were they always this broken (by design)? Which soldiers had the last chance to not be slaves?

    • I think maybe WW1. The USA had no business entering that. I can understand the Spanish-American war or the US in Cuba in 1898. But ww1 was the first time the US starting acting like an international policeman.

      Most people become soldiers because they have no other prospects. Seems to be the way its always been. Poor bastards.

      • I think you’re approximately right about the time frame. Soldiers became slaves the minute they introduced the training systems that tore them down to rebuild them into soldiers. Also, I’m not being a smart ass, but you can’t afford pity for volunteer soldiers. Anything that might cause hesitation for a DA guy can’t be allowed, and Pity is at the top of the list.

      • The government actually refers to its soldiers as their property. Somehow, soldiers don’t feel offended by that.

  2. The military is as cynical an institution as any that exists. All the lifers are in it for the small ego reward rank brings and the early pension. How many places can you retire from at 38? But you have to make enough rank to retire- E-7 or O-5- so you play ball. It’s very corrupt, and nobody cares. Much of the shit doesn’t work, and nobody cares.

    • I wish I could have gotten a phat pension like that. I could devote more time to WN then.

      • If you’re a cynical person comfortable with double talk, phoniness and corruption the military is not bad. Stay out of the combat arms, especially infantry and you won’t get hurt, work 7 to 4:30 Monday through Friday, lots of holidays, 30 days paid vacation. The Army decided to stop moving people around so much, so you can spend your whole career at one base.

      • I’m comfortable! Thanks, Thrashy. I used to train in a mil gym and saw these 40 year old guys who were like phy ed teachers running the ROTC types around. Looked like a great job, and your students had to obey you.

    • That’s quite right. Most Murkan institutions are shit. Vampires that suck money from taxpayers’ wallets is the best they can do.

  3. “We don’t want men who obey orders. We need men who can take initiative, approximate risk, plan ops, pull the trigger when the time is right, and most important of all – get away with it.”

    And basically to do it for free (or whatever they can loot during ops.) This is the difference between warriors and soldiers. Soldiers and cops, who work primarily for money, are all mercenaries. If the going gets too tough they’ll up and quit since to them it’s only a job. Warriors may use the same tactics as soldiers, but the difference is to them it’s a calling not a job. That is why the early Spartans , and later the early Romans, were so feared.

    • The money is a big carrot. The US military gets away with alot because it has so much cash to splash around. I’d bet our military is the best paid in all the world, when one adds in benies. That’s why they are so loyal.

  4. Ryu: LN paper thinks rev 2.0 will happen if the Clintons win again:

    What are your thoughts?

    • Ha ha. Again? Man, I keep waiting for this revolution to happen.

      Who will kick this off? Very few have the will to do this. I look for the men who will take the action. There aren’t many of them with that sort of ambition.

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