Sissified Society: Feminized Murka

by Firepower

All Murkan culture has disastrously degenerated from admiring warrior conquest to worshiping The Entertainer. This began well before “TV was to blame” and long ago in The Radio Age, so as with all complexities, it is not just one cause but many: Today it is a combination of all media. LIUFY:

The singular, medium, early developed the meaning “an intervening agency, means, or instrument” and was first applied to newspapers two centuries ago

So, today’s MRKA is best understood as a symbolic culture with likewise all manner of symbolic values, causes, neuroses and enemies, etc.  This createda society devoid of a normal/natural reality of humanity’s history. This is clearly illustrated best as our silly Nation of Hate trots out The Bigg Flagg for sporting events while fighter jets scream overhead the stadium in the ghetto; pink NFL players in October and the symbolic surrogates of Reality TV. TDO is itself a form of symbolic outrage culled from “real life”, transmuted via TV or the internet, then recycled back onto the internet.

It is not so much pink titty NFL ladies, but the opposite: total disregard for King Prostate and his prisoners of cancer. When a little lady gets slapped-around (or Rooshed) the damsels screech for the White Knight Brigade – but if some poor AFC schmuck hubby gets set afire in his bed, well! WGAF. The knights are busy wiping away ladytears.

Media is a medium as – in a seance. It is an intermediary between an actual even an an audience.
When reality is displaced by symbolism it creates this pretend silly environment now surrounding us that confounds those uninitiated not aware of Eradican Principles here.

When nations lose admiration for values that made them great in the first place and become feminized, the only bet is on the emerging hoary man nations waiting in the wings to plunder the sissified society.

11 Comments to “Sissified Society: Feminized Murka”

  1. Good work, FP. My goal now is to retain the remenant, rather than to save the masses.

    • My goal now is to retain the remenant,

      good luck.
      Movements converting masses
      are most victorious
      those stuck in the minority
      are eradicated

      • What defines Murka is consumerism, not identity or culture. NYC and Kike money pervades the entire peninsula. Remenant of White America, perhaps in Montana and Idaho.

  2. Murkan witey boys could always mate with Eurot women. Even Rooshie Hour goes to Pollack land to fuck their women.

    Just look at Trump as a glaring example.

  3. Here’s an old piece as to why wite men become women by luxuriating in Manhattan:

    A Kardashian-Armenoid and a Kikelord smiles while renting their apartments to witey imbeciles.

    And Jewlords love this arrangement — enticing wealthy wite imbeciles to luxuriate in Manhattan that reminds them of college, and this only happens when you live in one of their buildings.

  4. Another NY minute for FP:

    A celebratory moment here — LN kike principal in NYC gets pummeled to a pulp by one of his migga/colored students, because he reprimanded him for playing loud music at the zoo. The animal is from Bed Stuy and the principal probably lives in SWPL Brokenlane — the same burrow leading to Manhattan.

    The zoo fest is in a neighborhood where Wall St fat cats and wealthy kike lawyers are abound. Just more cognitive dissonance that makes the babel of tower saner in comparison. And now you know why elites in Fortress Manhattan don’t send their kids to the local public school — because they’re infested with 3rd world primitives.

    The zoo school, public housing projects and Wall St nearby — only in Murka or Jew York!

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