The Atavistic White Man

by Ryu

This is a hard post to write because the type is now so rare. It is difficult to find whites who believe in the old values.

Once, the white race was a race of farmers and warriors. Today, many whites wish to become the new jews. They wish to wear fine clothes, to have many servants, to transact as a merchant, all while having the blonde shiksa wife.

Many whites have lost the lust for conquest. Not to be given a thing, but the joy of taking it for oneself. Money won is twice as sweet as money earned. Chances are taken, not given.

Slaughter is a part of it. To kill one’s enemies is a good thing. The Romans had a saying “the corpses of our enemies smell sweet.” Whites must regain that sentiment.

Doing these things is the hard part.

Soldiers and cops begin their training afraid. After they learn how to kill and acquire the power over life and death for themselves, the fear diminishes. A new feeling develops, the desire for power. This continues until they surrender the power and use it one last time; their own suicide.

There is a difference between atavism and fantasy, between vikings and “vikings riding wolves.” The difference is in doing it.

In such cases, the system goes from mockery to dread very quickly. This is a wonderful thing to see. Many laugh at the white desire for revenge only to cower in fear when he takes action. Better to feel nothing at all than waver between the two extremes.

19 Comments to “The Atavistic White Man”

  1. How very true.
    All Murkan culture has disastrously degenerated from admiring warrior conquest to worshiping The Entertainer. This began before “TV was to blame,” long ago in The Radio Age, so it is not just one cause but many: Today it is a combination of all media.

    The singular, medium, early developed the meaning “an intervening agency, means, or instrument” and was first applied to newspapers two centuries ago

    So, today’s MRKA is best understood as a symbolic culture with likewise all manner of symbolic values, causes and enemies, etc. devoid of a normal/natural reality of humanity’s history. You can best see this as our silly Nation of Hate trots out The Bigg Flagg for sporting events while fighter jets scream overhead; the pink NFL players in October and the symbolic surrogates of Reality TV.

    Media is a medium as – in a seance. It is an intermediary between an actual even an an audience.
    When reality is displaced by symbolism it creates this pretend silly environment surrounding us that confounds those not aware of Eradican Principles here.

    • Whites still want to be warriors, the system knows this.

      The system tries to channel that feeling into areas that profit them. The military and police are still 80 and 70% white, even today. Whites want to shoot, rape and kill.

      It shows even in the video games. Kids love shooting people and they like those first person shooters.

      The real feeling they seek is found doing it, without permission, for a cause that profits them. I fear that few will learn this.

      • Whites still want to be warriors,

        Perhaps old whites past 35, but the majority seek that mediated violence – violence of the VR 3rd person variety. I see no GenY or Millennial wanting real blood. They may kill VR victims in videogames by the thousand but irl, when somebody dare even utter a micoraggression like “mulatto” they whine for SafeSpaces, so any actual effort in real killing is aborted. The only actual killers are BLM suicide shooters.

        What minority of wytes do lust for real blood, they satisfy in the service of BiGGov, which is what the LN wants.

      • It’s worth noting that in Basic or Academy, there are no computers or social media. They want the only voices the recruit hear to be their own.

        Clever technique. I think we could use it on younger whites, if only the opportunity presented itself.

        The danger with slow genocide is its speed. Hitler went all-out and only killed 6 million in 4 years. But there are 700 million whites to eliminate. It would take them 100 years of holocaust at least to work on us.

        They’ve increased their exposure and danger. The system elites are being degraded too now, alone with the rest of us. One can’t get rid of thousands of years of instinct in a century.

  2. I think money maggotism is the key, as Ryu has alluded. The real issue with wites is foregoing social and cultural capital for degenerate hedonism via capital. This is of course, is an extremity in the Anglo Sphere nations.

    When was America ever great for someone 70 or younger? Yes, the bar is quite low. I certainly think the boogers were the 1st trendsetters of the Hollywood culture you are talking about.

    • Money maggotism? FP is rubbing off on you, JS. Only he uses such combinations.

      • One thing that struck me as original and rare from FP — He is able to distinguish the attributes between miggas and niggas. Many people can’t.

        Beaners aren’t as destructive as coloreds, and Hispanic miggers come from our Greco-Roman legacy, despite being inferior 3rd dysgenics. This makes them a lesser of evils, if you compare them to niggas and kikes, who are both the consummate leechers/destroyers of white civilization.

        [ed note: yes, coloreds are distinctly separate from the others. it is seen in their disparate agendas]

      • And Ryu: I never trust kikes and only pretend to be friendly with them.. .Sometimes they make good entertainers. Most of the time they don’t.

        I’m sure you heard of Mike Savage, you know that NYC Jew who lives in Frisco professing cuckservitism in another liberal shithole, on the other side of the shining sea? There’s another one, Mark Levin, lives in DC, and gets a large following of wites from hickysville. Now you know why most kikes are liars and liars most of the time.

      • I agree. But its well to note that jew entertainers get mad when someone uses their tricks on them. Howard Stern used to get pissed when others would try the gonzo shit on him.

      • Recently I was on skype with a group of wites who wanted to intellectual masturbate as to why America is on its descent and how we can find meaning from this, and even injecting Jerry Seinfeld and Howard Stern into the discussion.

        Just to make a long story short, eradicating LNs, MINOs and money-hungry kike maggots, and we get a powerful functional White nation. We wouldn’t have this discussion in the 1st place!

  3. That’s why the Establishment has arranged for no more Islamic terrorism until Her has been ‘elected’.
    Wouldn’t want to wake up the sheeple.
    After that day, the Muslims can go ape wild for all the fuck they care.

    • No one in NYC’s high society gives a damn about terrorism. Restaurants and clubs were packed full on a Saturday night and resumed, when a bomb went off in the same city a few weeks ago. And terrorism like a natural disaster is good for business in luxuriating cities. After 9-11 or any terrorist event, crowds were heading into the restaurants and cafes to consume comfort food in all of our LN cities.

      • Yeah, it just sounds like an excuse to make profiteers money. The Murkan police state is worth big bucks.

      • Ryu: Murkans are generally not a happy lot, because of money. I was on skype with a group of alt-right WN types recently, some were suggesting that philosophy helps them with their lives, because they are surrounded by Murka’s consumerist culture. And it will get worse. Murka’s young 20-somethings, are more interested in money than their booger farts. Their idea of money is to live in one of Murka’s castle city with its exorbitant rents, fine dining and easy access to whatever they want. Boogers didn’t pay a lot in rent and food. Their money was spent on collectibles and a wasteful hoarding of expensive crap. GenBrandons brag about $3K and up apartments in Manhattan, DC and SF.

        I told these guys to leave Murka. A celibate incel will never become happy, when he’s surrounded by unattainable women. A poor guy will never be happy, if everyone around him is materialistic. This is the state of Murka.

  4. Ryu: Have you been following Richard Spencer, the “spokesperson” for the Alt-Right?

    • No, I’ve only heard his name JS. I don’t read twitter. Is he good? Do you like him?

      • He seems to be the only under 40 crowd who’s speaking out for White separatism and a White ethnostate. He often holds pro-White meetings. I would like to meet him in person.

      • Ryu: French Canada is the most anti-kike region in North America. It’s also the prettiest and the most functional place in Canada. Is this a concidence, when you keep Jews in line?

        When everything is for sale and everything is about money, you invite Jew trouble, like the rest of Canada, which is all English speaking and definitely in Murka, where kike worms are in control.

  5. And Rooshie doesn’t tell you these things about Montreal, because he’s only a pussy chaser who got chased out there.

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