An LAPD Cop Tries Bank Robbery. The Result?

by Ryu

…you already know that.

We are in LA in November of 1998 at a Bank of America. This bank was robbed by LAPD narcotics officer David Mack. His take was 700K in cash. Afterward, he took a 3 day weekend in Las Vegas.

Eventually, he was caught and tried. He was sentanced to 14 years in federal prison.


I want to write something now for a very small audience. Being a cop or soldier is great…but there are two things they can’t do.

They can’t operate without permission and they can’t get away with it. Nothing in their training prepares them for that. They become accustomed to operating under state protection. Then, when they go out on their own, they get caught easily.

The hardest thing in this world is to do what cops and soldiers do without the uniform. It is a miracle that there are men like Anders or Tim at all.

WNs can’t learn all they need from cops or soldiers. They must turn to two other groups: criminals and terrorists. Only these two groups have successfully opposed the American police and military.,6555584&dq=david+mack+robbery&hl=en

3 Comments to “An LAPD Cop Tries Bank Robbery. The Result?”

    • The interesting thing about ShotSpotter is that a geologist created it, EK. He was studying earthquakes and how to triangulate the source. He figured out to determine the gun’s audio spectrum and figure out where it started. In this way, most scientists today sell theie wares to the Murkan police state.

  1. The more people with little to lose, the better things will get.

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