Murka’s Most Infamous Cops: Rafael Perez

by Ryu

“Get on the ground, motherfucker!”

Being a cop is a great job. You get to jack up criminals, roll down the streets, and command respect.

Best of all, nobody fucks with you. You’re a cop! You ARE the authorities. There’s very little to be afraid of, despite the propaganda. Almost no living person has the nuts to kill a cop.

A slick cop can get money, power and women off the streets, using his badge. Third-world cops do this also, but naturally there is less loot to be had there.

Perez worked with the LAPD in the CRASH program. This is better known as the Rampart scandal.

He started signed drugs out of the evidence room under other officer’s names. Sometimes he’d replace the drugs with cut.

3 Comments to “Murka’s Most Infamous Cops: Rafael Perez”

  1. Little 13-year-old Sammy Weaver killed a cop after the cop shot his dog. Then little Sammy Weaver was shot in the back by that cop’s partner. Maybe one day we´ll replace the nonsensical SOL in NYC with a new SOL of Sammy Weaver that that’s rooted in reality instead of an abstraction that nobody understands.

    • It is interesting to note that today, Randy Weaver is still alive. He’s a grandpa now. I think one of his daughers is going to uni and going to have a big career and all of that.

      He has learned what many advanced WNs now know: Murka is finished. Done. There’s little point in him going to gun shows and seminars when there is no audience left.

  2. A white cop would have been more careful but less brave. Different races can’t read each other very well.

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