Fortress Hawaii

by Firepower

It’s not well known (on purpose), but Hawaii is one of the remotest spots on Earth.

Coupled with a long-established Luxury Industry catering to our Aristocrat Rulers, it also has rich weather. Rocky beaches prevent amphibious assaults whether from Isissisisis or disgruntled revolutionaries – enemies both foreign and domestic. Such enemies can never reach the platinum shores.

When our rulers tire of $163 Kobe beef hamburgers in wintry Manhattan, it’s off to their feudal tropical paradise. Such long cross-continental flights are no longer a bother but a delight in themselves in private jets fitted with luxury appointments for the discriminating Murkan Oligarch.

As dark, dank climes return to Medieval Times ala Game of Thrones, so shall tropics return to a Colonial Plantation Lifestyle. Pleasure centers of Manhattan and Honolulu will hold ultimate power like Rome or London with feudal castle outposts spread throughout the Empire like Medieval England and France. Castles weren’t just for Dukes and Knights to feast & wench, but IRL were guardians of trade routes and agriculture and oppressors of local peasantry.

Murkan Aristocracy can even dodge the r-r-racist bugaboo and avoid coloreds completely by saying “I’m not a racist, I just live in a Penthouse in Honolulu!”

Not only shall cities be gentrified, but all of Murka will be gentrified.

24 Comments to “Fortress Hawaii”

  1. I am enjoying this post one sentence in (welcome back FP from poolside with your cherry advocaat and lemonade) because it has started comprehensible. Am about to read the rest.

    Question for future post: What do you make of Peter Panzers and VRW lately since they seem to have been on quite the uptick, what with Hillary (your future president) denouncing them, and all (and all – anything to do with them, Trump, Pepe, etc whatever)?

    • Great post especially loved this: “As dark, dank climes return to Medieval Times ala Game of Thrones, so shall tropics return to a Colonial Plantation Lifestyle. Pleasure centers of Manhattan and Honolulu …”

      Only thing to do now is offer a solution.

      • How have you been, Pat? What have you been doing for the last few years? JD would be interested to write to you.

      • Only thing to do now is

        The “solution” was presented here years ago: Eradication of all infectious racial contaminants – you must’ve missed that one.
        Once upon a time, Uncle Dolfi had his solution and a nation acknowledged, then proceeded to cleanse itself.

        Today, it is the opposite in every Western nation; frivolous entertainment is the mode of the day – not harsh action. The difference is Eradicans can see that, while VRWism continues fantasizing “New Aryans” are imminently marching in their panzers toward Auschwitz 2.0

      • I don’t think anyone has ever saved a society when it reaches this point, FP. What I see through history is people moving and starting over for the cycle to begin again.

        I think we were too late even in 2005. The best to hope for now is to save some small seed or remenant. Maybe like those monks who lived in the cloisters who kept learning Greek.

      • I don’t think anyone has ever saved a society when

        The great mistake all doomed civilizations always make is they are True Believers that they can prevent the fall.

        Even the most attuned greatest thinkers living within those civilizations miss the tipping point by a few previous decades.

      • There is a special article that you uniquely qualified to write, FP. I wish to know why advanced WNs quit, and why they come back. Do you think I could get a guy who retired 15 years ago back in the game?

      • I wish to know why advanced WNs quit, and

        They quit first out of frustration then ultimately, disillusionment.
        They realize what we’ve realized. The End has become real – not just an empty, overused word rolled off the tongue.

        Some return out of ego, prematurely predicting their absence will cause a vast emptiness, then when they pass unnoticed, they long to return to the Action Life they craved. When a Man becomes so mature he then advances to the stage where he understands no one will listen to him – but still he cares not he is ignored – he is then freed to a higher plane, either poolside in total acceptance, or now railing against The LN Evil completely without fear, perhaps even doing an IRS Piper Cub flight.

        If you can coax your 15 year Robinson Crusoe here, it is worth it. But still, if he chooses continued silence nobody will gAf either.

      • FP: How would eradication of Manhattan’s few remaining MINO strongholds a benefit to me or the average non-elite wite in general?

        Upon doing the dirty work, elites will imprison you, and the carcass becomes what is Miami today. Luuxury grounds are built on top of blood.

      • It wouldn’t benefit you at all.

        But Manhattan is the model for the other big Murkan cities. Gentrification began there first. May be if we got rid of minos there, other places would lose them also.

      • Gentrification began with Italian Mayor Goombalani. Before him, NYC was run by a colored, and before him, 2 effete Jews, all of them were a disaster. So it took a hard charging WOP to make NYC desirable.

        And who really benefits from this? Again, Jews. Not wites, not coloreds, although coloreds live better than most coloreds in da South, because of NYC’s generous welfare programs, thanks to all da stupid wites who live the Manhattan life.

      • FP: How would eradication of Manhattan’s few remaining

        My past bulletins regarding eradication always include a warning: Whites have plenty enough an asshole Elite to harm them as badly as mobs of coloreds. All one need do is examine how the British oppressed the Irish.

        The concept of Noblesse Oblige in its truest intent is about the only method of salvation, but it typically evaporates into tyranny.

      • That’s where we have to develop the raider economy, FP. One has to have class awareness also.

        A raider society is more equal than a capitalist one. Especially when the leaders lead the raids themselves. The only way a raider will respect his leader is if he is taking equal risk. This is a “criminal” view of the world.

      • Post-Holycross Germland wasn’t a tyranny. And Hitla’s tryanny was the cleansing process of the Juden vampire.

        WNs and Eurots before them were right about parasitic grifters. Despite the low intellectualism of Murkan right wing politics — the gripe about Kikes are da problem is 100% correct.

        They were a problem in the old country, and are now da problem in Murka. They live on the fruits from the labor of others. Kikes are useless, even in their home base of Manhattan. They have benefited immensely from gentrification. Yet, Jews don’t make NYC desirable. No on thinks of Jew food, Jew fun, Jew art, Jew culture but only Kikelord and Kike lawyer and Kike Bank. Miggas and Gookers offer more real value to Manhattan, than do Kikes. Ever patronize a restaurant run by a Kike? It’s sloppy, rude and a full of colored staff. Yet, the same fraudster complains about anti-semitism, and lives like a well fed vampire on the backs of wites and others.

        Further, Murka is 1/4 coloreds and growing. In NYC, coloreds are completely useless, similar to the Kike. The Chosenite grifts mostly on the upper echelons of society, and the colored is a welfare leech.

        Now wite LNs are a middle ground between these 2 inherent parasites and they are their useful idiots.

      • if you have the answers, why ask me questions?
        Niggerspickiking & k-k-kikety-kiking does not do a thing but vent and defuse your anger.

      • That’s correct. My comments are original, not the usual Stormcunt type. As long as Murka’s wites are afflicted with our bread n circus money maggot culture, their enemies will continue to grow and embolden like mold, and then “eat them alive”.

        Why do wites from all over Murka want move to Manhattan? Jew industries or to serve the tribe like butlers for Chosenite kings in return for safety and comfort. Tax revenue earned and then it pays for all kinds of MINOs and 3rd world filth that infest the Greatest Cesspool of the World’s outlying areas. It works for all liberal centers in Murka. Well to do wites are minions for Jews in their fortress cities, poor wites are stuck with colored neighbors in the South and Midwest, left to their own devices.

        Don Black’s followers or anyone in WN are oblivious of this symbiotic process.

      • Holdover coloreds – I hate them and they live in Manhattan.

  2. You devil, you snuck it in there. I thought this was an old post FP.

    Hawaii is already having problems. The influx of elites has priced out natives. They have a terrific homeless population. They solve this by exporting them to the lower 48.

    Hawaii is becoming something like Monaco or Luxembourg. They will have to keep some of the poor there for maid service, pizza delivery, cab drivers and hookers. But other than that, they’ll have to kick everyone else out.

    [ed note: Monaco is the model Manhattan strives for]

  3. I am well, Ryu, and how are you?

    What have I been doing? Wage slaving, shitposting, working on house and home, preparing for race war. Nothing has changed.

    Say gidday to JD for me. I am still on Skype if he wants to get in touch.

  4. Sounds like it could be the ideal place, but they do have their own set of problems to deal with. It is my understanding that the natives outside of the touristy areas aren’t too keen on the “haoles”. My parents drove through some small villages while sight seeing, and were the subjects of some pretty hard looks. Nothing worse than to get set up in paradise, and then have a band of tropical niggers rain on your parade, though I suppose that the murkan royalty with their militarized security forces won’t have much to worry about.

    • Sounds like it could be the ideal place, but

      Manhattan once also had its Harlems, Hell’s Kitchen and Bowery. Sheer money transformed them from dangerous ghettos to today’s gentrified penthouse playpens for The Rulers.

      Wishful thinking that the rich will somehow suffer retribution at the hands of a symbolic, insensate poor may give solace, but the reality is Today’s Manhattan. So it shall be with Tomorrow’s Honolulu…

      • I gave up my $800/month 1br Manhattan apt. Honestly, I did out of principle. My cheap rent had allowed me to dine at the finest restaurants, because I had disposable income.

        Hedonism like money, is what makes Murkan witeDulls doomed to hell — A king for a day, and fool for a lifetime!

  5. Eradication of all infectious racial contaminants – you must’ve missed that one.

    True, but the eradication of all liberal progressives who enable these contaminants are more of a concern.

    Mayor De Dumbio of NYC tells everyone we need more affordable housing for coloreds, and yet the same time, he rents his townhouse at unaffordable rates and only to wites.

  6. The only part missing in the above mathematical equation = $$$

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