More DAAs Choosing Arson Over Homicide

by Ryu

This is a wise decision. In the USA, crimes against people have a clearance rate of about 60%. Crimes against property are about 20%. It is far easier to get away with arson than homicide.

There are now many arsons occurring in Europe. The great thing is that the perpetrators are getting away with it, which allows them to learn from their experience and to get better.

In this article, I will briefly cover steps in arson investigation, as if I were a fire marshal.

0) So the call comes in that a structure in on fire. The fire department comes, and they put it out. They form a perimeter and begin the inquiry.

1) Investigators search for the point of origin. This will be the lowest point with the most damage. They will use a scent dog or sniffer machine to determine if an accelerant was used. Most commonly this is gasoline. It will be obvious if the cause of the fire was arson or accidental.

2) Next, they will look around for point of entry/exit, look for any burglary tools left behind, footprints, gas containers, and so one. They will canvass the neighborhood for witnesses and take statements.

3) After the scene is processed, the police start thinking about suspects. Who called in the fire? Who saw it first? Was this a hate crime? Was the suspect in the crowd watching the fire? Will he re-visit the scene?

4) Now police will “shake the tree.” If hate crime was suspected, the police will track down and question all known racists in the vicinity for alibi and motive. They also have CCTV, credit card statements, cell phone records, and computer data available.

5) If…the perpetrator is suspected, he will probably be caught. That’s just a reality today. Even fire leaves some evidence. The only way to truly get away with it is to stay off the suspect list entirely and to always work alone.

There are textbooks available in this area. I have tried to make this as simple as possible. Arson investigation is a highly scientific area; so little evidence is left that the small details become highly important.

Sometimes scent dogs can be used. In a few cases, the dog can track the accelerant from the fire right to the suspect’s door. That typically occurs when the suspect walks to the scene.

Gasoline is the favorite accelerant of the amateur. Often, he burns himself in the process. Cops may call nearby hospitals and ask if there were any new burn victims in the last 24 hours.

Videos are available too. The question is not if the information is out there, but will the right people read it?

10 Comments to “More DAAs Choosing Arson Over Homicide”

  1. You should get a pi license, and turn your “passion” into a business, provide much needed services exclusively to whitey in diverse neighborhoods like Baltimore city, it’s an unserved market niche, one could make good money and hone his vigilante skills at once! It’s worth doing just because of the private databases you have access to as a pi.

    I had that idea after reading LaFonds Rubbing out Palefaces, The Death of a Harm City Family, quote: “She was told that his death was not being investigated, as the homicide caseload was too heavy.” They treat murder in Baltimore almost like bike thefts!

    • PIs most work on domestics these days. That’s where the money is. Mostly divorces, like investigating husbands and wives.

      But you’re right, I’m considering it.

      Baltimore is a wonderful place to kill. Their clearance rate is in the teens, if I remember right. Most mino cities are like that.

  2. No, the point is that you could actually help white people, LEGALLY and within the law.

    You can be by the book, no shenanigans needed, that’s the whole point.

    • I thank you for that Steve Rambam stuff, Guest. But….he’s a system shill. He is also pro-Israel. It seems all this police state crap was developed by the jews; big shocker. They are great at running surveillance.

    • I’m reaching the point where the word “legally” makes me want to gag, Guest. It’s something dirty and unholy.

      • A shadow in the night will not clean up the streets, you are not batman and this is not a comic. Because while the system may not investigate much in Baltimore, they do bring the hammer down on whitey who doesn’t cross a t or dot an i, they want nothing more than a white devil to put on the stand, so you better be way, way within the law in everything you do, don’t give them that satisfaction, at this point as a pale penis person you shouldn’t even loiter.

        At this point the system longs for white action, it’s getting embarrassing for them that the only white raciss people can even name is the Donald, which just shows you how NOT racist America really is, not racist to a fault.

  3. We dealt with this a lot in the FD

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