Your Car is MORE Identifiable Than You Are

by Ryu

Many, many criminals are caught because they use their own car on the job.

That’s not just a “license plate number.” Think of it as a police identification number. This is a part of the war on anonymity. Most modes of transportation today, from cars to airplanes to boats require identification. It’s not for you; it’s for the police to ID you easier.

Same problem with rental cars. All it takes is a license plate number, which leads to the store, which will then reveal who borrowed the vehicle.

Even stealing a car creates problems. You’ve got to touch it and sit inside. You may leave fingerprints, hair, fibers from your clothes, or DNA when you sweat. If the case is big enough, investigators will check those things.

The American police state punishes those who make mistakes. Getting caught is easy; especially in cities with many CCTVs and licence plate readers on the stoplights.

The goal here is not to scare people too much. We want to impart how much attention to detail is necessary today to get away with it.

What happened here was that the local news threw out a crime stoppers request. The public called in with information about a similar car with damage on the front passenger side. That was that.

8 Comments to “Your Car is MORE Identifiable Than You Are”

  1. These police tools are good for White humans when solving typical animal crimes almost always perpetrated by non-white filth…
    This becomes an issue when these police tools are used against Whites who are having issues with and commenting on the White genocide agenda….

    • the Police State serves itself first, then its Masters in Big Govt.
      White pigs happily slaughter white people and colored pigs do the same to fellow coloreds regardless of BLM-type issues.

      Then, when it comes to genociding different races, each is increasingly delighted and all in to get mega-bloody when “authority” ok’s slaughter: Think Kent State.

      Problem is, Today’s Sheeepul are passively yearning to be slaughtered.

      • Exactly. Cops are blue, not white or colored. They put other cops above any other group there is, except of course their masters.

      • FP: Yes, but coloreds and miggas commit almost 100% of Murka’s crimes, that require the exclusive intervention of PIGS. The occasional wite crime maker is an outlier, not the norm.

      • Think about the recent killing of a zulu in San Diego by PIGS, which led to a complete shutdown of the city. No place in Murka is immune to colored crimes, not even in “nice” neighborhoods or castle cities.

    • The modus operandi of wite citizens should only be the eradication of MINO filth.

      • My speculation should be correct as I outline on Lion’s blog. Murkans have a low standard of living, solely because of colored infestation.

        Just think of all the taxpayers money squandered on welfare subsidies and law enforcement operatives, because of coloreds.

  2. If trump loses it’s time to radicalize hardcore, in public utterances and expressions if not in deeds.

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