MGTOW Analysis

by Firepower
Plays For Pay

Plays For Pay

Men goin’ their own way existed long before teh Interwebz gave it a name.  So, as not to jack Ryu’s threads, a critique becomes necessary to explain the basic reason it exists in the first place.

There are a multitude of reasons in any human complex concept but here, only one need be highlighted: Murka’s major downfall is from its acceptance of Feminism over traditional male rule. Google the suffrage movement; it’s not new – or even NewNews!™ – Broads started Prohibition: google Carrie Nation. Old news. Broads before that started the Civil War. It all goes back to Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.

Today, past is prologue. Analyze major TVNooz stories predicated with the understanding that most “issues” become issues because vaginas deem them so. It’s a pink frilly lady world facing a grim future of enemies – foreign men who hate such shit.

The Independent is a “big” paper and suddenly its found reason to investigate MGTOW – because teh laydeez want to begin a discredit campaign of Dog Whistles where Manosphere = faggotsphere and mgtow = creep.

Feminism rules all Murkan institutions now. Wimpy Welmer attests to Friend of The Court bias in custody cases. Education is conducted exclusively by Fat Fugly Five Teachaz for their benefit. Boys are sissies now. White Knights abound. Rooshi has been punctured by Canadian Cunts in heels.

10 Comments to “MGTOW Analysis”

  1. “MGTOWs borrow heavily from pop-culture to explain their beliefs, particularly the film the Matrix where the Chosen One chooses to reject his blinkered “blue pill” life in favour of the awareness offered by the “red pill”.”

    But MGTOW are more like the traitor in that movie because at the end of the day their actions are more blue than red. They see the lie of the matrix, but don’t fight it by learning to deal with women properly.

    • Who is that girl, FP? I want to see what she looks like today. That must be from the 60s or 70s.

      MGTOW seems to have died, like TD said. Today, going their own way is the way to the video game or expating. I used to look down on white men who left for Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia. Many held beliefs similar to our own. Maybe we are the sucker, for trying to educate these boobs.

      Almost every white male under 30 day is a gay-mur. They’re hooked! It’s hard to compete against the entertainment offered by internet, games and porn.

      All the old MGTOW leaders are gone. Young red pill types go to rooshi. It’s movement with no motion now.

      • I would consider myself MGTOW for going into Montréal — the only sane city with a healthy dose of White values.

        Name a Murkan city, where wites are in civic participation of White only values. Certainly not in Manhattan, where the average wite cares more about getting drunk than participating in a concert promoting Whiteness.

      • Who is that girl, FP?

        chanel west coast.

        Unbeknownst to mgtow, their mooovement now means white/wyte males are celibate with not even a chance to reproduce. The hb7s and above go to Bieber’s Harem – and Lil’ Wayne. IRL, it means the growing surplus of wyte girls go to coloreds thus enlarging this nation of colored halfrican hybridx.

      • Wow! Women age fast today. She’s now 28 yo. Almost looked like that Cool Hand Luke girl, at one time.

        [ednote: while a gigglebim on Ridiculousness, she looks different in photos, admitting the photogs tell her to “look angry” – so that is her little secret ]

      • FP: Note: Justin Bieber is a self eradicator – loves migga bitches like Selena Gomez and mulattas like Sofia Richie.

      • Da Beebz can go black bc he first can fuck his way thru a line of white models. When one has the choice of what color skin you want blowing you next it stems from power. Not the mewling of “movements.”

        The issue is mgtow ignoring The White (nationalistic) Element at its own peril, the way The SpoorHead did. The levels of offending ignorance are, from least to most, mgtow with its blindness. SpoorHeadites with the Sick White Disease of slobbering over “inclusive vibrancy!” then Fartinand with his knee-jerk homo screeching at the mere mention of “coloreds.” Note how fatboy now – without a trace of shame or irony – hates him some nigras.

        Finally, we have rooishi – the colored who embraces White Poonland in all its materialism while hating whites for what they did to coloreds.

      • What else would one fight for today?

        Pleasure loses it appeal quickly today. American style diversions are like heroin; one gets hooked fast and one builds the tolerance fast.

        WN at least has a noble goal. PUA and MGTOW didn’t. I think that is why WN endures over them. It is also much harder to achieve.

      • mgtow naturally carries with it the stigma of sour grapes like a fat n fugly five marching in a slutwalk/virgin parade.

        Pleasure for its own sake can function in Murka today for the diseducated Dullennials have been created to be simple-minded.

        The absence in MRKA today of virtues worth fighting for and believers to follow them are perhaps the most significant sign of permanent decline.

  2. Rooshi has been punctured by Canadian Cunts in heels.

    True, however:

    Sûreté du Québec – the Canadian law enforcement froggies were trying to arrest one or few of bitches who threw piss at his face.

    Now imagine if Big Foot experienced the same in Murka. PIGS would not be in his defense, because most men in Murka just let their penises submit into female demands, regardless of the situation.

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