Candlelight Vigils: More Than They Appear…

by Ryu

Vigils are not just spontaneous demonstrations of grief. They are carefully choreographed. Today, candlelight vigils are investigative tools for the American police.

They offer:

1) Another opportunity for detectives to talk to suspects and witnesses.

2) Take pictures of the crowd and ID everyone there.

3) Opporunity to re-focus media attention

4) Get a family appeal to catch the suspect

5) Publicize the reward money

It’s theater. Even if the victim’s family doesn’t want to hold a vigil, the police will encourage it to help clear the crime.

Here’s a great example. Ice-cold case, a homicide from 2010. This “vigil” is not about grief; it’s about pinging the public for more information. Notice how the particpants are all holding up reward posters.

9 Comments to “Candlelight Vigils: More Than They Appear…”

  1. As the Ultimate Imperialists, pigs are also the ultimate BiGGov employees and utilize agitprop continuously to justify their tyranny.

    • This is exactly why some peoples’ ideas that they can co-opt the police is so foolish. The other bad idea is thinking that you can continue to use these people as police after a revolution.

      • As in all organizations, I use my 1776 Revolution Model where a third of the American population were for it, another against and still another third who didn’t gaf.

        Only approx 1/3 of cops are decent and so, that same amount would be on “our” side with a likely larger amount enemies.

      • Money can buy 100% of the cops. It buys the silence of the “good ones” right now. We’ll just wrap up our bribery in the cloak of “compensation” and “pension.”

        I particularly like the pension system. It says, “stay loyal for a long time, and we’ll give you more money when you’re old and broken down.” Very clever. It was a brilliant invention.

      • i personally think the best you can expect of even the ones on “our side” is basically neutrality. They’d turn a blind eye but that’s about it since they don’t want to lose their cushy pensions. System enforcers and petty beurocrats are the most ardent system supporters since they are the ones that have the most to lose. In the case that Revolution succeeds, those are the people that will get hammered the hardest since they are the face of the system that people can get their hands on. The truly powerful will most likely have already fled leavimg these low level people holding the bag.

      • I’ve read accounts of pigs and prison guards in the 70s and 80s, Adit.

        A number were racist. Not WNs, but racist. They’d jack up niggers and spics found in white hoods. They’d allow white inmates to stick a mino and look the other way. Sometimes they’d set up the hit.

        It really helped when the Panthers and other groups started wasting cops and when radical blacks would attack white guards. It put some fear in them, which caused them to “take out side” briefly. Of course, even that could not change the demographics.

      • Note the blue/red circular graph in Lifecycle of Bureacracy.
        pigs are the highest paid basic skill group in BiGGov.

  2. For the above reason,s vigils also make the cops look like they’re doing something when the case has gone cold, at least to those who are aware of the crime.

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