Finally! Some Good Uses for a 3D Printer

by Ryu

Yes, even modern technology has uses. We can use a 3D printer to print fingerprints, copy keys, and make disposable guns.

A gun SHOULD be disposeable. Because for those who act without state permission, it is evidence that can be used against you. A good 3D gun could be used, then thrown in the fire to be melted.

One can use smartphones and 3D printers to copy fingerprints now. One can even take a picture from up to 200 feet away and get the prints.

You can now copy keys, even the Do NOt Duplicate ones, with 3D printers.

This App Lets Anyone 3-D Print ‘Do-Not-Duplicate’ Keys

The App I Used to Break Into My Neighbor’s Home

It is also possible to print up the DNA of a person if you have a sample. A hair, sweat, buccal swab or used water bottle will work.

6 Comments to “Finally! Some Good Uses for a 3D Printer”

  1. That’s pretty good.

    Also wanted to pass this along. It tells if your email address has been hacked at any point .

  2. I expect someone will use drones to attack some BigGov building within the next five years or so, probably carrying a few gallons of gasoline to ignite on impact, that will be extinguished by the sprinklers.

    Congress will then appoint eighty billion bucks to set up virtual “drone shields” at all federal buildings.

    • Won’t do any good.

      The range on drones isn’t far. A wit will see someone using a remote control nearby. Even if it explodes, the ATF or FBI will put it back together, trace the manufacturer, trace the sale of that unit. That’ll be all.

      The only ones who will profit will be the BigFed suppliers and the legal system, who will get one more prisoner.

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