Bombs are NOT the Perfect Weapons

by Ryu

Getting away with it in the short term is not enough.

…in fact, this is why the ATF or FBI handles most bomb cases. Local and state police do not have the resources (read free time) to work long investigations. Most bombings turn into “paper trail” cases.

Bombs are not completely destroyed when they detonate. In their final training exercise, the ATF detonates a car bomb. The assignment is to then contain the scene, gather the evidence, then put the scene back together again.

How do they ever figure out which bag or package blows up a plane?

They get a manifest or list of all boxes and bags. Then names and addresses associated with them. The bag that is missing or the most obliterated….was the one holding the bomb.

Every little detail becomes important:

– suspect had the same powder at home as used in the weapon

– suspect caught by leaving print on battery

– suspect caught by buying components by credit card

– suspect caught by having same wire at home as same in the bomb

– suspect caught by the tool used to crimp wires was in his posession

Ted was the best bomber in all of human history. The fbi wasn’t even close to him in 1996, after over 20 years of investigation. It was only after his baby bro ratted him out that he got on the radar.

5 Comments to “Bombs are NOT the Perfect Weapons”

  1. Bombs also require technical nerd skills and technical aptitude. That guy who blew up the casino in 1980 almost got away with it though. Great planning but something always goes wrong. The cops were harassing him around the clock but they couldn’t prove a thing until someone broke under the pressure.

  2. Best attacks involve planting the device in a hidden location long in advance, like the 1939 Munich beer hall or the 1984 Brighton hotel bombs (support pillar and under bath tub). Still failed due to target’s good luck.

    • They weren’t that good at forensics then.

      Since than time, scientists sold their soul to the police state. Very few bombers today get away with it. Sure, they can pull the short term, but they fail in the long term investigation.

      A bomb has alot of parts. Each part is traceable. In a way, it shows how the more moving parts, the more evidence left. THe more powerful the bomb, the more goodies they leave investigators. Ted succeded because everything he build, was done by hand.

  3. RE: Bombing

    I remember reading the back in the day, the FLN would put bombs in mailboxes and in metal light poles on the street. Not many killed our wounded, but some nasty injuries and lots of worries. FWIW…

    And my next bit is about that suitcase bomb that was supposed to kill Adolf. He got saved by part of the heavy wood table plane. Memories, memories…

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