Being Better Than Mossad: Mossad Murder in Dubai

by Ryu

This video covers the full police investigation of a Mossad-backed murder. You’ll see alot of police state surveillance from CCTV. Any investigation after 2000 has CCTV playing a part.

The Mossad invited just about everyone to get in on this. These are no simple one man ops. A full 27 people were active here; it must have been about half the Kidon.

I realize that this video is long and relatively boring. It can destroy all that worship most people have for government-sponsored killers though.

If the top spy-assaination group in this world is so sloppy, what does it mean to be elite today? Don’t be convinced until you are satisfied. Don’t allow reputation to be enough.

This mission had alot of moving parts. With so many people involved and so elaborate a plan, they left alot of evidence. The escape was like Escape from New York, with all these suspects leaving the hotel around the same time.

Too many people involved, short TTD, clumsy staging of the scene, DNA left at the scene, caught on CCTV, staying at the same hotel – is that the best in the world?

4 Comments to “Being Better Than Mossad: Mossad Murder in Dubai”

  1. They must have invented some new tools since then, James Bond stuff like drones disguised as toys. Or something inspired by old magician tricks. I would be extremely paranoid if the Israelis didn’t like me.

    • You shouldn’t be afraid at all.

      Not even Mossad or the SEAL team could hit you, without leaving evidence. I can tell you that if I had all the tools American investigators had, no one could elude me.

      Let them try toys or drones. Then I’ll track the parts and manfacturers.

      The jews suck at direct action, because everyone knows who did it. You never kill someone when you have a motive.

      A whole new world will open up to those who REALIZE, and see, that this world’s elites are no better than our own DAAs.

  2. Hoping for more riots in Charlotte btw… the worse the better for us. Run them all down.

    • Yes, and I hope more White PIGS will kill armed coloreds, and create an atmosphere of irrational hate, typical of primitives. This will only wake wites up that coloreds are just nothing but rabble rousers.

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