Pulling the Trigger is the Easy Part

by Ryu

The hard part is getting away with it.

The more one studies, the more one arrives at one conclusion: soldiers and cops have virtually nothing to teach about direct action.

THE TRUE ABILITY displayed during direct action is not the shooting of a gun or the detonation of a bomb. It is risking one’s freedom for an idea.

State protection makes all the difference. Cops or soldiers are virtually never jailed for their actions.

There are indeed agencies, like the fbi, who use “black bag” or “wet work” teams. They burgle houses, they plant wires and surveillance devices, they may even perform assassinations. But the spectre of government protection hangs over them. These agents are never arrested for it.

The scant military references to getting away with it are field manuals dealing with capture and being behind enemy lines. These date back to WW2 and Vietnam.

I expect nothing from white American cops and soldiers but what they’ve shown so far: total obedience while on duty. Unless the checks stop clearing, they will obey every order to the letter. We’ll hear from them 10 years after retirement.

Many WNs do not know how much they ask for, when they demand that whites act. This is something most cops and soldiers, with all their training, cannot do. A little appreciation is in order.

Some WNs have heard about the Mossad within Mossad: the Kidon. This is Israel’s hit team. They do all those illegal hits in foreign countries, like the revenge for Munich.

Below are some links. If you read them, keep in mind that these agents still have the support of a government. So even the Kidon don’t feel the full risk that a WN DAA does.


17 Comments to “Pulling the Trigger is the Easy Part”

  1. No one in WN or right leaning faction is willing to become a kamikaze. This is the glaring problem.

    With our herculean police state, there is really no effective way to evade authorities.

    But eradicating MINOs is the easiest ordeal for WN, because the police state is weaker in those areas.

  2. “THE TRUE ABILITY displayed during direct action is not the shooting of a gun or the detonation of a bomb. It is risking one’s freedom for an idea.”

    And the lying media would have you believe you are a coward if you do these things. Mind control at its finest! Don’t you believe it.

    PS. There are a lot of actions being taken in Europe but they aren’t being reported (lest you be encouraged to do the same) except at Yes Pasaran! https://yespasaran.wordpress.com/

    This isn’t my blog. I just want more people to know about it. We aren’t alone and we aren’t beat. Almost daily now mosques and refugees centers are being targeted.

  3. Indeed, with zero consequences for illegal acts, BiGGov is now the de facto definition of complete criminality.
    If nationalists could operate the same way, Murka would be cured in a year.

    ot: that movie inspired me to totally fap to Bridget

  4. OT: been thinking about race mixing…
    Biracial individuals combine genes that have never been combined before. Some genes are inherited without their matching restraining genes.
    In biracial women, this sometimes causes excess manifestations like wider hips (which I approve of) but also dangerously uninhibited behaviors.

    Another problem with race mixing is that white fathers of mulatto offspring are typically left-wing fanatic anti-racists who bring their offspring into the white culture, thereby helping change the white culture into something else.

    • Also the rising phenomenon of wealthy heebs mixing with shiksas, which not many WNs are discussing. Tell me if this is not relevant?

      I see a lot of self eradication among wites in Murka. Both elite and poor wites are heading in the same direction of race mixing and pleasure suicide.

      This is a perfect example of wite self-eradicating.

      Midwestie chic lives the NYC life. Jew landlord, migga neighbors, and gets drunk and falls off the cliff.

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