Introducing Israel’s Direct Action Team

by Ryu

…the Kidon.

My intention with this post is not to exhaust the subject. I’ll nudge the door open a bit, and the reader can decide for himself whether to knock it off the hinges or to close it entirely.

Every country and political group needs enforcers. These are loyal men and women who will use violence and force to enforce the group’s will. They may be called cops, soldiers, or triggermen, depending upon the case.

The Kidon is made up to 36 men and women. A usual hit team has 4 members: a spotter, a driver and two hitters; a primary and a backup. The training lasts 2 years. A Kidon operative is called a “katsa.” Pay is 2000 pounds per month. The Kidon has the full support of Israel and its Prime Minister.

The Kidon’s most commonly known ops was their “Sword of Gideon” revenge scheme after 1972’s Munich, and the killing of all those Iranian nuclear scientists.

More than anything, the Kidon has taught me that our DAAs have done well, considering their lack of budget, manpower and state protection. Not even the Kidon or Seal Team 6 succeed every time, with all the advantages they have.

In this video, note how even the Kidon were caught on CCTV and they also left DNA at the scene. Even they have trouble; working without state approval is so much harder.

One Comment to “Introducing Israel’s Direct Action Team”

  1. A properly constituted state-backed direct action team could very easily be a weapon of mass destruction.
    It would seem like a scifi scenario, though it wasn’t.

    For example, by releasing nerve gas in large airliners, and then using stooges with atropine implants to crash them at top speed into nuclear power plants.

    Or more likely something much cleverer that we haven’t even thought of yet.

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