Police of the Khmer Rouge

by Ryu

Nazi Germany.

Soviet Russia.

Communist China.

Ida Amin’s Uganda.

Cambodia under the Khymer Rouge.


America 2016.

What do these countries have in common?

All were police states, where it was legal to genocide a group of people.

The police would never admit it but I will speak the truth: cops serve the regime in power. They serve the elite, not the people. This is true in all cases at all times. The ONLY time cops and soldiers don’t obey the elite, is when the checks bounce.

Most killing in this world happens legally. That is to say, it is sanctioned or licensed. When one has state permission, one can kill in far greater numbers than without state permission. The greatest serial killers in this world were all soldiers or cops.

The structure of all societies is essentially the same. An enemy is necessary, who can be blamed for every evil. This represents the bottom of the pyramid. Once in America, minos were at the bottom. Today however, the white man is the nigger. There is only one group who is it legal to hate and discriminate against: whites.

Calls for “diversity” and “equality”, no matter how high-minded they seem, always are limited. A truly diverse POV values all views equally: the pro gay and the anti gay, the pro white and the anti white, the pro woman and the anti woman. America has created a fake diversity for its system of genocide.

My purpose is not to generate outrage, but a higher level of understanding.

Atrocity and honor, misery and happiness, cops and cons, justice and indignity, all go together. They always have. They are two sides of the same coin. It is always the best of times, and the worst of times. The answer you get depends on who you ask.

I like those pictures from Cambodia. They show the truth: society is built upon those skulls. Look into the basement of any country, and you will find a pile of bodies. Always.

68 Responses to “Police of the Khmer Rouge”

  1. I remember in college where the ‘tolerance’ people only wanted tolerance of THEIR belief, they were very intolerant of counter beliefs, of course they could never see the irony.

    As an aside, I wonder what its like going through life so blind like this people are?

    • They AREN’T blind to it, EK.

      Liberals know they own the universities, government, police, all of it. They know about the censorship. They act blind, so they are not culpable.

      As a tyrannt myself, I appreciate their deceptive skills but am not taken in by it. One wants to have power without appearing to have it – because then, you always have to watch your back.

      They are making mistakes. If you need to do an evil, do it fast because people have short memories. Dragging it out over decades increases their risks. If only they had the honesty to put us all in camps and shoot the leaders, they’d have won in a week.

      • “If only they had the honesty to put us all in camps and shoot the leaders, they’d have won in a week.”

        They enjoy living in their delusion and doing that would spoil it for them. They want us to go quietly into the night. Rounding up people and exexuting them is always messy and disruptive and they might get some pangs of conscience. It might make them feel ‘bad’ and the SJW are all about the ‘feels.’ Of course the people in power don’t have that problem but they do have to work with the material they have. That’s their weakness.

      • It’s like Israel. For 50 years, they’ve been fighting a “war on terror.” They’ll never win that way.

        If they had taken one month, and killed everyone with a total media blackout, they would have had no problems.

      • It’s called radical autonomy…

        Our “default elite” is radically autonomous…

        From Mitt Romney and Trump to Clinton and Obama…

        All radical autonomists.

        “Radical autonomy” IS ALL “we” REALLY NOW ABOUT THEM. All other claims and assertions are just hearsay and proclamation to be given the weight of “nothing” which just so happens to be the radical autonomist’s “meta-physical” first principle.

      • They are making mistakes. If you need to do an evil, do it fast

        Indeed. One of the gravest mistakes Leftists ever made was disbelieving their complete victory over America. It seemed so outrageously incomprehensible it’s fully understandable how they erred – like the wtc collapse was unexpected by osama’s ragheads.

        But, the greater mistake was the “right” then failing to even capitalize on the Left’s hesitation, thus relegating “our side” to loserdom.

      • Are you watching the Hillary stuff, FP? She’s a broken pony. There was this one vid where Hill like spat out a baby turtle or alien. It was nast.

      • There’s an occult principle that whatever one represses, grows stronger. The system is making that mistake.

        Youtube wants to demonetize unPC vids. There is a push for the US to give up control of the internet, and to adapt Euro style hate speech laws. If one wishes to be a tyrant, one had better be ready to take it all the way. Or else, they empower and place hate in their intended victim.

      • whatever one represses, grows stronger

        Mostly, yet the Khmer and Cong successfully ruled with blood and tyranny, eradicating all opposition.
        A successful response must have (to use that over-overused word) outrage in order to combat the tyranny.
        Instead of serious issues, as of today, Murkanz izz to “outraged” over what Kylie said to Kim about Khloe despite our grim national future.

    • I wonder what its like going through life so blind like this people are?

      As a construct, ‘ignorance is bliss’ is fully functional in Murka, where wealth insulates even the poorest fools.

      • Compare Spain’s GenJaviers roasting a Starbucks in the other video, and these useful dullenial idiots under their Jew masters:

        Most of everyone in Murka is full of shit. Hedonistic, lazy and money swines.

        And speaking of Russian RT TV – you had her:

        Like most murkan bitches, she’s a money maggot and now deflected as a newsreporter in one of the most LN of media outlets: ABC.

  2. Have you heard of ‘doxxing’? It is baiscly SJW people publishing your real name, address etc.
    Why are alt-right sites not swarmed by doxxing? This is a big question

    • Jews, especially kike women, are some of the biggest doxxing SJWs. Fuck Joshua Goldberg.

    • We’re pretty much anom here, so there is no info to extract.

    • They tried that on me once, EK. Didn’t work.

      Writers get careless and put up too much personal information. Sometimes they make comments on the wrong site, which leaves the IP and all of that junk.

      This is our territory here. A SJW tries that stuff here, he’ll be in trouble. If they try doxxing you, dox them back. They don’t like it.

      • Doxxing is only as effective as to the degree one’s place in HIS herd is below average or perhaps above average yet unstable. If you lead your herd or leave herds at will or the various herds you mingle amongst ALREADY KNOW deep down in their lying, liberal hearts that one is wS… Doxxing is entirely counter-productive.

        I could easily be doxxed, but no friend or family desires my wrath under the pretense that I didn’t have the freedom to say what the fugg I want.

      • I find that term so utterly stupid ‘dox’ sounds like some british bullshit.

        Guess thats true, this is the altright or whatever you want to call it. Man if we ever ally up, its going to be ‘bad’ for the degenerates.

      • I too find it a strange term. But, it is already in use, so its hard to change.

  3. Ryu: Are you optimistic that wites will become Whites and take on their enemies? FP has a lot of reservations.

    Rooshie is a migga, an Iranian. At least he does something pro-actively for witey. Just look at the well known Jews on the right. Joshua Goldberg, who the fuck gives a fuck about Goldberg. The guy was a complete nutbag. Those with an ounce of sanity do nothing besides pushing the keyboard, pen n paper, despite having clout as a people.

    And you know what kind of Jews fought tooth n nail in the American Revolution? It was those from Spain, not the fucking Krauts.

    • I have reservations too, JS. Maybe more than FP.

      I appreciate what Roosh does for the white race. I do question why he does it. Charity? He wants to sleep with white women afterward?

      …and if we allow him to stay, should we just let in all the minos that want to come in, and become diverse again?

      • I really do understand.

        Kraut kikes who embraced the right do nothing. In the many centuries they have done absolutely nothing, but take what they want when the opportunity arises. Hollywood cowards couldn’t even save one of their own during the Holocaust, yet they do whine and demand. Even the Spanish Jews became soldiers to fight the Christian Spanish in the Middle Ages.

        Now the Jewish Defaming League wants Donald Trump’s son to apologize after making gassing comments. His wife happens to be one of their people.

      • I do question why he does it.

        Roosh is a misnomer – a misfit. Too murkanized to be accepted by The Muzz, and too hoary muzz 2b accepted by us. Still, persh are not a-rabs – but caucasian; they are white.

        It’s their muzz-nuttery that offends. And as for rooshi, it is his knee-jerk, lickspittle censorship of our views that enrages. It’s as if he AutoCensors any view not approved by CNN out of habit. This occurs bc “coloreds” such as he grow up being taught by fatfuglyFIVE Teachaz to Hate Whitey in order to accrue BiGGov Bennies.

      • I’m still looking at the murder in Midlothian, FP. I am baffled, that they haven’t solved it yet. They have all the tools. And its not because the suspect is so good, damn you.

        Their CID has a staff of 6 for a city of 20K.

        It is a city with virtually no homicides and very little violent crime.

      • That’s good. I too have sense he is only half on our side. There’s a part of him deeply pro-system. He can’t be too commited to nationalism.

      • The danger in our (Whites) collaborating w/ MINOs is while these coloreds (including persh) may truly believe themselves iconoclasts, they nevertheless receive most of their Social Power from BiGGov – its triggerthug Police State and its Welfare System.

      • It’s the same thing as with cops and soldiers.

        They’ve got a crutch. Only a white man, acting without state permission, feels the true consequences.

        So what we find is that when cops, soldiers or minos lose that protection, they crack fast. We’ve got to be careful with it. The good times don’t matter; everyone can handle that.

      • This Anti-PigS video clip is for Ryu:

        So this story happened last evening during Rooshie hour in our multicutural paradise:

        Colored reporters in Jew York City discussing witePIGS tackling a homeless ayrab with a meaty machete near GookerTown.

        Welcome to I Love NY!

      • Ha ha ha. That’s amusing.

        Maybe you need some anti-knife legislation! Outlaw the high capacity military-style blades. We need knife registration now!

        That cop will be fine. No one is going to die from a 6″ gash on the forehead, though it will bleed like a bitch.

      • A lot of other objects could be used as weapons. baseball bats, ninja stars and compact flamethrowers. And look at the recent incidents of PIGS being run over by criminals during a getaway.

        Btw, Today is the anal varsity of Occupy FFF Fest counting no 5.

        What really killed the movement wasn’t laziness and cowardice, it was a lack of principle – munee? So again, bread n circus quells the masses. Many of these guys got paltry jobs and left the camp.

    • roosh’s multitude of incarnations – especially rotk – is Pure ECOF.
      Its status quo exists purely to reinforce the moron posters who chant and coo “roooszh is right!”

      Any “outside the box” thinking challenging Rooshz’s 10 Persh Kommandant Kommandments is swiftly attacked with the ultimate goal being the demi-rooszhshGOD quickly moving in to swing the banhammer to the adoration of his Creaming Mass of Moronz.

      This is the identical situation during the Death of PUA Era where incisive instruction was replaced by drooling Millennialz validating each other in their SafeSpaaaaace! sniveling Echo Chamber. Ryu Remembers. Oh, and btw, validation was a situation to avoid in strict MM PUA.

      Pure ECOF.

  4. The broken pony is possessed. For real. Hell is eternal…

    • Hey, Oogie! I’m glad you’re still around. Hill may be possessed, as she spits out green ectoplasm.

      [ed note: i think it was a Hall’s coughdrop…]

      • As I said, religion is important. Charles Manson did have protection from the Other Side.

      • What religion are you, Oogenhand? Your beliefs confuse me.

      • I’d expected that question and the confusion as well.

        I have been raised Roman Catholic, JPII-wing. My present beliefs are pretty confusing to most because they combine a strong faith in the existence of the supernatural and a personal Creator, the practical necessity of eternal consequences in a succesful ideology (Wager of Pascal), and a thorough dislike of conventional denominations (“churchianity” in Vox Day terms, Wager of Bernstein). That creates positions orthogonal to accepted wisdom. E.g. is Allah the same as God, or the same as Satan? Christian Zionists will tell you the latter, but Bataclan would indicate otherwise.

        A conservative Christian would say Hillary Clinton and Charles Manson are on the same side, but we also see that Hillary got %*#!-up by kundalini-channeling, while it is clear too that if Charles Manson professed Christianity he would have ended up like Paul Hill.

        There is NSBM, and there is RABM. There is Christian Identity, and there is Liberation Theology, there is Othalism, and there is Circle Ansuz. There is Ungern-Sternberg and there is Richard Gere.

        The supernatural is full of pitfalls for the unwary. Therefore start out with the safest assumption, that there is an eternal punishment for those who are in the wrong.

      • I thought you invented your own religion, some kind of memeplex thing, to ensnare Islam. That’s what you were trying when MW was around.

      • False opposition. If I were to invent a religion, it would be pretty stupid to say so aloud. And many accuse avowed Atheists to be possessed by the devil. Where does the line lie between channeling, inspiration and imagination?!

        Would you, being neither Christian nor Satanist, consider Muhammad to be inspired or possessed, or a common charlatan?

        To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, If you can be both God and Man, can you be both Liar and Lunatic?

        The basic idea behind most religions is that common logic isn’t SUFFICIENT to understand reality, so of course an ensnaring memeplex doesn’t use common logic. As common logic, Aristotelian logic, or Natural Reason teaches A=B B=A, it tends to into stalemates, ping pong, pong pong, etc. only to be broken by consistent use of Supremacy, as understood by thordaddy, that is, NOT considering your opponent to be your moral and logical equal, or anti-Kantianism.

        However, Natural Reason, or common sense, DOES teach the Wager of Pascal, of which I am fully convince (c.f. Bernstein’s Wager).

        To conclude, hell is eternal.

      • That’s right. Man’s logic may not be applicable to the entire universe.

        I don’t see a big difference between Muhammad of Islam or Joe Smith of Mormonism. Perception is reality, for most people. The reality or “truth” does not matter. A person’s perception can be manipulated in a wide variety of ways.

        I commend you with your hell is eternal phrase. I have seen it so much it often appears in my mind after some posts.

      • Well then, use the phrase yourself.

      • Hell is eternal, hell is eternal.

  5. Hell’s Angels, when they were tough guys back in the bad old days, allowed El Migga and the Bruce Lee types in their organization. They always refused membership to neejerks and Jewish lice, and rightly so, which brings us to our discussion about the 2 most odious groups to WN.

  6. Every day it becomes a bit harder to imagine the USA will experience some of that good old fashioned slaughter, and every day it becomes a bit likelier.

    • xperience some of that good old fashioned slaughter

      It’s unlikely. Entire generations yet unborn must yet pass away before human instinctual killings return to the forebrain of Millennilolz who can’t even mow their parents’ lawn.

    • The survivalists were right on all counts, except that they vastly underestimated the depth of the USG’s control. This country has been a police state for at least 40 years.

      The US won’t be allowed a natural death. It is a “zombie” nation, full of the living dead.

      The longer it takes for the slaughter to occur, the more total it will be when it finally happens. The USG is playing a game where it costs more and more to catch smaller and smaller crimes.

      Things will change when the money disappears. That’s the only things holding it together now.

      • For the “money” to disappear, the various “slave classes” within the big competing nations will have to disappear. This isn’t going to happen… In MRKA and China alone is 400+ million in the “slave class.”

        The reality is that next week if one IS MADE TO work for 25 cents less per hour and is taxed just an extra 1% onto his total productivity, he WILL NOT QUIT ever… And national “debts” are paid.

      • Another NY minute:

        Granted that most privileged, the smartest and the wealthiest wites are living in Manhattan, they pay their lodging fees to these guys:


        in order to do this:

        And now you know why Chosenites have their nooses around goys n gals.

      • found the record small hovel:
        This 40 Sq. Ft. New York Apartment Could Be Yours For $450 Per Month

      • I’m not insulted by the size of his apartment, but the price. 500 bucks for that is nutso. It must be in a hole in the basement, because he has to climb down there.

      • It must be in a hole in the basement

        All of us here know we take explanation a step further despite my and js’ penchant for semi-TDO anecdotes re: The Greatest City in the History of The Entire World!!!!

        What is noteworthy, however, is this continuous flow of such examples amidst the continuous flow of willing volunteers to subject themselves to subhuman living condition. This 40 sq.ft. hovel has (and will be) home to an eventual army of serial residents of the artsy type. This happens bc of their craving for fame and riches of a varietal type distinct from standard Wall Street Wet Dreams having their own version of serial inhabitants of say, The Dakota.

        America dreamt of virtuous ideals, but Murka, mere fame and money.

        These are the reasons NYC has become the capital – and shall remain so, even after the fall.

      • Got something for you FP.

        It’s a new take on Mystery and PUAs. One of Rooshie’s crew wrote about this show. It’s good shit.

      • new take on Mystery and PUAs

        lol plz TELL me you know that’s a joke skit…

      • Yeah, but it’s pretty funny. Some of the younger WNs talk like that.

      • From wn to pua, I see no “movement” improved by the inclusion of Millenialulz.

      • Unless you plan on living forever, kids will inherit what we build.

        When I was young, I didn’t give a shit either. Fuck you racist motherfuckers, I’m gonna get some pussy!

        I like the attutude many of the young have. Many will be more extremist than I am. They seem to have inherited some nigger traits that whites lack.

        I find the endless moralizing of the older whites tedious. No wonder minos ate them alive. That won’t happen to our young. I’ll teach them to be selfish racist pigs, just like any jew or colored.

        They’ve got the hate. I think they’ll learn how to keep the niggers in line. This clip is popular.

      • They’ve got the hate. I think they’ll learn how to keep the niggers in line.

        I’m not so sure. Milliennialulz I encounter mostly blame White Racism for colored problems.
        They each have found common ground w/ each other: they both like videogames, pussy, white pussy, rap and especially drugs.

  7. Another stupid witey that moves to the city, because he wants to experience the Manhattan kike life for a fraction of the cost. Meanwhile, poor Chosenites get 1800 sq ft apartments the same way welfare MINOs do…at his expense.

    Going to another story, some Jews are bother with the fact muzz are always attacking Hymietown, as you guys have been hearing what happened with the numerous pressure cookers recently installed. 2 were found in a welfare SWPL/Faggot neighborhood in Manhattan, where one exploded, now under intense Feeble investigation.

    Of course, terry muzz want NYC — it’s where the elites come to play, feast, fuck, fuss….and its where their chosenites, the muzz’s greatest nemesis, control all their finances, and much of Murka’s as well.

  8. NYC has become the capital – and shall remain so, even after the fall

    In truth, NYC is the Jews’ command center and their ATM machine. Everyone else is their minion, including wealthy wites.

    Your favorite raw fish joint, Nobu, owned by El Dinero, answers to a higher calling with its food, a kosher kike who collects his rent payments.

  9. And further proof Jews are behind in almost all bastardization of Murka into a money cesspit:

    This building was designed by Ralph Thomas Walker, one of America’s finest architect for a telephone utility company in Manhattan, only now to be sapped by parasitic moneyed Jews, who are turning it into a residential playpen for wealthy wites, who pay kikes in order to play.

  10. These are the reasons NYC has become the capital – and shall remain so, even after the fall.

    Kikes essentially control NYC, thus controlling all of Murka, by extension. They have their tentacles wrapped around witey when it comes to luxury living in Manhattan, thus controlling elite wites, who have the means for high life hedonism. They control coloreds and niggas with their other tentacle, using them as pawns to pit against witedulls in areas necessitated for divide and conquering.

    Jews dominate high end real estate in the most important centers of commerce, and they dominate immigration law, essentially allowing Murka a constant inflow of fresh sewage from 3rd world cesspools. The most prominent immigration legal shysters in NYC, run by the tribe.

    • And if one reads Lion’s blog, commentator “the missing kike” laments the fact that NYC has been too cost prohibitive for some of the members of his tribe, because of the influx of coloreds and miggas that drive up the living costs, not pointing out that the Jews control real estate in NYC, and they welcome these filth with welcome arms, because the most prominent immigration law firms are spearheaded by Jews.


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