Cowardly, Cold-Blooded Loners Wanted…

by Ryu

…because that is the only type who has a chance of getting away with it today. One can tell what works best by what the system damns the most.

The highest compliment a cop can give a criminal is that he is a coward. That means he is difficult to catch, he has never been scene, and he leaves very little evidence.

The “cold and calculating” part refers to the suspect being organized and thorough in his preparations. The police don’t like that, because he hasn’t left alot of leads to be pursued. They’d prefer an over-emotional, disorganized suspect who leaves messy crime scenes.

People who work in groups today usually get caught. Often this is true even if one works with family. It is hard to keep a secret for a long time. The more people in the group, the more information gets strewn all over the place, making it more difficult to control.

Control is very important for the criminal. He want to limit the number of ways he can be caught. Any evidence he leaves should be contaminated. He increases TTD or time to discovery so witness recollections are abscent or worthless.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

The meaning of this phrase is that the best way to get revenge is through deliberate planning. Emotional outbursts fail. One gets away with it by thinking. And the more thought that goes into it, the less risk.

The American police state is real. Despite this, the homicide clearance rate average is only 66%. 33% go unsolved. That’s 66% today – with DNA, LPR, FRS, CCTVs, modern forensics and the snitch culture. The loss in human quality has been terrific. If the police didn’t have technology, they’d be screwed.

20 Comments to “Cowardly, Cold-Blooded Loners Wanted…”

  1. Ryu, I was wondering who tends to get away with homicides for a longer time.. Serial Killers or Professional contract killers. Both of these types have different things going for and against them but both probably fall within the organized criminal category.

    • There are two types of homicides, Adit: dunkers and whodunits.

      Dunkers are easy to solve. The easiest is when a wife or husband kills their spouse, and they call it in while waiting. Whodunits take some time. Maybe there is no suspect at the scene. Sometimes they have to do alot of forensics, which takes time.

      We see that the vast majority of cases have the suspect knowing the victim. Those cases get solved with 100% certainty today. Only truly random killers even have a chance today.

      SKs are better than hitmen. Hitmen have a protection – their OC ties. It is just like cops or soldiers. They don’t have to be as careful. Most mob hitmen either go to prison or get killed themselves, in time. They deal with too many other people. I’ll tell you today that under interrogation, almost every criminal talks.

      There are no professional contract killers for the public – not one. All of them are ATF or police informers. Some OC groups have a few, but it is rare.

      Do you know the terminology for SKs? Only organized SKs who don’t touch their victims stand a chance today. Knives, ligature, blunt force trauma leaves too much evidence.

      Study Israel Keyes. He was something special. He may be one of the last American seriel killers. Today, it’s almost impossible to get away with.

  2. FP’s complaint about Murkan wite dullenials being lazy hedonistic cowards, would never do this:

    Spain’s GenJaviers are seen here, destroying a Suckcocks in Barcelona, and then burning it to the ground. And you know who owns Suckycock. – A Murkan Jew.

  3. Hillary called the hijackers ‘cowardly’. I’d rather have a halal beer with them in Valhalla than with her at the local muff bar.

    • Wouldn’t be a beer anyway, probably an appletini or something. Or if the rumors are true, straight hooch from the bottom shelf.

  4. ha! I hadn’t read this article yet when I made my comment about the term coward earlier. Hive mind!

    And ummmm JS, check these out and shut your mongrel mouth.

    • Those refugees aren’t leaving Krautland, hon! You make it as if they chased them out of the country.

      Spain only took in 5K of homeless bums in 2015, vs Germ infested of 250K. Ireland even more, 2X as much as Germland.

      Now bow to España!

      • * Spain with a population of 46 million took in 5K of dregs vs St Paddy’s with a population of 4 million with a few hundred more than that of Spain.

  5. It hardly matters how many Spain takes in if what I’ve been told is true. Many of you so-called Spaniards are mixed with non-White. A true Spaniard doesn’t have dark skin and from what I understand, the damage was done long ago in Spain. Sad but true.

    • Spain has demonstrated White Supremacy more than any other Western Nation, despite its apparent non-white elements. What’s your point that Spain is a land of Miggas? FP also said Spaniards are Miggas. It has no relevance in today’s diatribe. Northern Eurots and especially Anglos, are on the path of suicide.

      • FP also said Spaniards are Miggas.

        False. Spaniards are not mexes and are definitely superior.

      • The concept of Westie Supremacy (or what we call Murkan wite supermaybe), believe it or not originated from the Muzzies of Casablanca. This political concept which was then taken by Spaniards in order to reconquer Spain from the Muslims, and ultimately, it became an ideology to conquer the New World, before the stupid Briton limeys made Murka, and ultimately forming the Hapsburg Dynasty, hellbent in taking all of Eurot.

        It’s quite fascinating. The Romans did not have a Western Supremacy concept vs non-Roman barbaros. You have to give credos to Mummohad and his allah akhbar followers.

      • And Spain and only Spain has demonstrated what one calls Western Supremacy. Spain successfully purged a wholesale of Jews and Muzzies, and they would never come back to bite.

        Not Hitler and his Kraut Nazis or anyone else in Eurot has ethnic cleansed to become a superpower. Juden as you mentioned, Hitla eventually loses to the Kikes.

      • I agree, JS, but it is hard for many WNs to follow Spain’s lead. It seems to have disappeared off the world map, like Portugal. How is that Espana WN group going?

      • I spoke to a few Spaniards overseas, and they tell me, why do I care so much about Murka. It’s a mess, it’s inferior that sort of thing. Too many different racial groups doesn’t bring a society together.

        The bottom line: Murka doesn’t rise to the top with MINOs.

      • I envy you, in a way.

        Spain is a large country for Europe, but only the size of an average Murkan state. One can get a handle on Spain. The US is an empire now. The problems of WN shrink with a smaller country. Obviously, no matter what, one cannot take the whole USA back.

        It would be a nice change, to just be a solid country growing stronger and minding its own business, like Switzerland, Finland or Spain.

      • WNs in Murka have done absolutely nothing to stop their enemies. Not a single politico has risen up demanding wite separatism free from MINOs.

        Just as Occupy Wall St has done nothing when they were staging their protests against the elite.

        Murka is all bread n circus, and nothing else.

      • Also Ryu, in Montréal, I get to see Whites perform live concerts or dramas in the public square, reflecting Ancient Greece or Rome. No colored or mino actors, only Whites.

        What do wite murkans do that promote this kind of stuff? Basically nuthin, they watch Hip Hop Hamilton, made by a fellow Puerto Rican, and it’s all colored/migga garbage. Then there’s the affirmative action non-sense — you’ll find a nigga starring in a Shakespearean play. Other than that, witey in murka today produce almost nothing of value or interest, either they’re so busy fff, that they don’t care or simply they are the walking dead.

      • Damn, you make it sound like WN heaven JS. What are the minos there – nigger, spic or indian?

      • Mostly miggas in terms of MINOs, specifically Moroccans. niggas like the ayrabs are the french speaking types from froggie colonies. coloreds are about 8-9% of population. 70% wite, not bad for a multicult city.

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