Two Technologies to Save the White Race

by Ryu

One, the power to decide good and evil.

Two, the power over life and death.

These are the two greatest technologies in existence. The government has both of them. The average citizen can decide good and evil (if he wants), but he cannot enforce his decisions; the USG does not permit him to.

Cops and soldiers are an interesting case. They have the power over life, but they can’t decide right and wrong. That, they have to get from will of their masters, the USG.

One day, upon retirement, the USG takes the power over life and death BACK from the soldiers and cops. This is very traumatic. Because of their training, they lose the ability to think for themselves for long periods. Many will actually kill themselves just to have the power over life one final time.

There are no legal revolutions. The first thing those who obtain power do is close the door behind them and lock it tight.

This is the giant shit test. Why is it just for the USG to kill innocent civilians, but not just for an ordinary person to do so? All of the great killings and genocides of their world were government-backed. America has killed 20 million people since the end of WW2, more than any other nation – more than the Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and Saddam Hussein combined.

Deciding what is right and wrong and having the power over life and death has a name: playing God. The USG has the power of God. It seems the gods are jealous, and would like to restrict their own number. A power is valuable as it is rare.

11 Comments to “Two Technologies to Save the White Race”

  1. great post filled with astute observations bro: The more Murka morphs into every other dictatorship that’s ever been the sooner The Illusion is stripped from the eyes of the sheep.

    But, by then, it is too late.

    • It is “clear” now that voting changes nothing. Every day that passes, our demographic situation worsens. I wonder what lies whites will tell themselves in 20 years? That their vote still matters? That winning is even possible that way?

      WNs make a big deal of Brexit. Nothing has happened.

      There’s a step that needs to be made. We can’t win within the system. And the only people who consistently act outside the system are criminals and turrists. By study, one sees that the only reason cops and soldiers look good is that state protection. My own research suggests a SEAL acting without permission is about as good as the average burgler.

      I cannot recall any nation being established by anything but turrism. Even Israel had “israeli freedom fighters” in the 30s and 40s.

    • You should make a comeback. I found your atavistic white men. Ones who don’t submit, no matter what. You’ll find them in our prisons. Like the AB, nazi low riders, ABT and so on.

    • “the sooner The Illusion is stripped from the eyes of the sheep”

      Isn’t that Historically what it takes to get people to start moving? Most people only tend to the plumbing after they’re knee deep in it. Why should now be any different?

      • Isn’t that Historically what it takes to get people to start moving?

        Yes, but historically those historic people were of quality and recognized the time for action. They had the quality of seriousness about them.
        That is absent in Murkans today.

  2. into empty husks of childish consumers

    This has been going on for a long time, ever since the old boogers were growing up in the 60s and 70s, Murka was already its onset of frivolous consumption.

    [ed note: never at the quantity and intensity of today]

    • My first trip into Spain 10 years ago, convinced me that no other nation in this world wastes so much money on all kinds of useless shit and hoarding. Murkans are disgusting there another plausible reason why kike maggots thrive in Murka, other than $$$$?

  3. All we need is hate.
    Give hate a chance.
    Hate is a many splendored thing.
    It can make the world go round.

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