The Ability to Shoot Paper Targets is IRRELEVENT

by Ryu


Okay, someone was just shot and died…now what?

The above is SP and WN inaction expained. Marksmanship is USELESS unless one can get away with it. Or else, survivalist shooters should practice taking a shot, then going to jail right after.

In fact, everyone knows this. Bragging about one’s accuracy is masturbation. Everyone knows that in real life, we can’t talk about those we murder, the weapon used, time/place and all of that.

Cops and soldiers don’t think about these things; they don’t have to. Uncle Sugar covers their butts. Virtually no uniform is every charged with murder.

There are things to learn from cops and soldiers, but NEVER imagine that they have to protect themselves to the degree we do. It’s a totally different ball game. A WN DAA has to be many times better than an American soldier, and the average criminal is better than an elite SEAL.

People should really be practicing “getting away with it.”

This is a skill, like anything else. It takes time and effort. To learn it, turn to the experts: criminals and terrorists. Cops and soldiers don’t have to evade the authorities, because THEY ARE the authorities.

We’ll finish with my favorite example of SuperSEAL blundering. This SEAL graduated first in his class, yet cannot perform a simple commercial burglary.

3 Comments to “The Ability to Shoot Paper Targets is IRRELEVENT”

  1. Ryu I’m not sure but I think you may have loaded the wrong video. The one that is up is about a couple who went missing.

  2. Waiting for the next Muslim atrocity here. Jihad Johnny is sure taking his sweet time. Wouldn’t be surprised if Hillary has paid off someone to keep the bomb boys at bay until after the election.

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