Rare WN Films: The Silent Scream

by Ryu

This docu is from 1984, when the anti-abortion movement still had some teeth.

This movie shows what abortion actually is, so it will be quite gory and bloody. The connection with WN and abortion is that abortion kills white babies. It not only destroys the baby, but the mother also. Oogenhand is the best teacher upon that subject.

4 Comments to “Rare WN Films: The Silent Scream”

  1. Not all abortions are created equal though. It depends on the quality of the genetic material that is wasted.

    Statistically, abortions where the mother is a careless slut are not so bad.
    Unlike abortions where the birth control failed but the mother is too busy chasing tenure to have a sprog.

  2. Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say

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