MOSSAD Killing Techniques

by Ryu

Mossad is Israel’s CIA; they do all the jew’s dirty work (when Murka won’t do it.)

It is interesting to note that Mossad also complains about electronic surveillance, CCTV, and so on during their ops. Police states make it harder to operate. If it is hard for them, with all their money and influence, how much harder is it for our people?

3 Comments to “MOSSAD Killing Techniques”

    • Thanks, Doomie! That’s good. I can even forgive them for defiling that song. Still feels weird to hear a 60s song with a 2010s voice in it.

  1. Would be best if all fighting could be out in the open, but it can’t be. Have to admire some of the stuff the Israelis do, when they pull it off.

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