An American Politican Commits Suicide on TV

by Ryu

This actually happened, back in 1987. Look hard enough, and you can find just about anything. That’s how it works in real life too – the screaming and panic afterwards.

5 Comments to “An American Politican Commits Suicide on TV”

  1. If only all of our LNs will see the same fate as Mr. Dwyer. The same goes for our PIGS who serve them.

    Any thoughts on the upcoming election? Trump has been suggesting that guns on election day will determine the outcome between him and Slick Willy’s wife!

    • I don’t think elections solve much, JS. There are very few people able to use guns. Most of those guns will just sit in the closet.

      • I think so too. Trump is trying to stir up the WNs, but they aren’t doing much as of yet. Perhaps on election day, there will be some serious noise…

  2. The suicide was censored at the time, of course.

    All the good stuff is censored, like the direct CCTV footage of Breivik’s blast in Stockholm or the Muslim terror truck in Nice. The masses have to be kept nice and docile, and not start asking questions.

  3. Wow that’s awful. Funny how the “Stay Calm” thing is repeated over and over again in our society isn’t it? And that one guy said “have a little decorum”. It’s almost like a spell our enemies cast over us. Those people just saw something in real life that they had never seen before and they were told to stay calm. Amazing isn’t it?

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