How to Break Glass Like a Cop

by Ryu

Oh yes, cops have to do that also. Cops do everything criminals do, though they often give it a different name.

Here a cop shows how to break car glass. There are police training videos on every possible subject, if one knows where to look.

7 Comments to “How to Break Glass Like a Cop”

  1. Or like a ninja, with ninja rocks!

  2. BTW, I forgot to mention you can use an automatic center punch to also break glass. Probably cheaper than the tool they had at the end and is also a useful tool when needing to drill holes, etc.

  3. Center punches/ ‘escape keys’ work good. Front windshield are MUCH harder, they dont explode either. You take an axe and it barely impacts the corner. You literally have to cut them out.

  4. If mass disorder breaks out, even during a hurricane evacuation or wildfires, the cops suddenly become about 1000 times less effective dealing with other issues.

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