What They Mean When They Say “Privacy is Dead.”

by Ryu

…we live a police state.

Privacy and anonymity don’t exist inside of them. If you wish to measure the degradaton of the American people, consider how they all know they live inside a fully controlled police state, and how little it bothers them.

One needs privacy in order to use freedom of speech (FOS). America’s founders know that to challenge the elites of any time and place involves risk. No one is going to speak out unless they have protection.

Privacy and anonymity are that protection. With those, we can use FOS and avoid retaliation. Without them, one is a sitting duck; at the “mercy” of a government which runs torture camps.

FOS without anonymity has deadly consquences.

There’s an old Chinese communist story. When it was first established, The Party would set up meetings in rural areas. You’re free to say anything you like, and make suggestions. That’s what they said, at least.

The Party sent spies to those meetings. Those spies paid anyone foolish enough to talk a visit later that night. They’d kill the speakers and leave the bodies to be found in the morning. The message was sent.

Anonymity, FOS and the 2nd amendment all go together. The founders KNEW America would fall. They tried to leave us some weapons, in case all else failed.

Taking stock of our armory, we find privacy is mostly gone. Nothing electronic can be trusted anymore. FOS only works on a small portion of the population.

Guns and bullets still work, but finding the right target to shoot is hard. So hard, that most cops and soldiers don’t know who to shoot today in order to secure their liberty. It seems that to set up a shot, and get away with it, without government protection, is nearly beyond human ability.

27 Comments to “What They Mean When They Say “Privacy is Dead.””

  1. “It seems that to set up a shot, and get away with it, without government protection, is nearly beyond human ability.”

    This is because one man can’t carry the entire struggle. As long as it’s the occasional lone wolf, he’ll probably be hunted down, but a dozen lone wolves operating independently at the same time could hurt the system badly. Enough chaos at one time would render all their forensics useless as they’d be overwhelmed and their expenditures would skyrocket, so the accountants would be weeping. You’ll notice that as the system gets more tools and information their overall competency is decreasing. (Information overload and more and more of their personel are minos.) The enforcers look good because they can focus on one target at a time, but give them a dozen moving targets simultaneously, and I’m not too sure. If, for example, a lone wolf knew he was going to get caught, he could plan out a dozen or so targets and hit one after the other in quick succession until he runs out of targets or is caught. You know how much chaos that would cause? They’d shut down entire cities for extended periods trying to get a grip on the situation. Any idea what that would cost them?

    • I agree, Adit. I wish there were more like the DC area sniper or Anders. But this type of man is terrifically rare. I don’t think there a dozen within the entire USA.

  2. I have been considering this for a bit on how to negate forensic capabilities. These are my initial thoughts on the matter:

    1. You need to make their forensics a non-sequitor.
    A. Become the ultimate forensic Ghost. Leave no trace. (Possible but extremely unlikely for the average person. Their attention span is too short.)
    B. Overwhelm the system with so much incoming evidence it becomes impossible to deal with it all. (Think cvivl disobedience like riots, rebellion, or natural disasters, etc.)
    C. Somehow make the cost of the forensics so burdensome that they stop bothering except in super high priority cases.This would go hand in hand with B, but not necessarily.
    D. Make forensics unavailable to the system. Forensics requires a lot of consumables and some are very specialized and only have a few sources.
    2. Mislead the establishment. Mask your actions as everyday criminal activity which doesn’t get such a high priority or in some cases, no priority.
    3. Avoid targets that will get a ton of forensic scrutiny. Don’t directly annoy the elites or their enforcers. The elites will always find money and resources to throw at their own protection so they’re problematic. The enforcers will always find time/resources to protect their own ass even if they have to divert resources from the elite’s protection. Of course, if you’re very sneaky that would be a good way to drain large amounts of system resources. Their resources seem infinite but they’re not.

    • I salute you, Adit. You think much like I do. Most aren’t interested in these things. I have a name for you to investigate: Israel Keyes.

    • Elites vary in terms of status, likability, and muscle power.

      What do you think of NYC’s current mayor de Dumbio? He epitomizes as a person, of what this blog deems, as a Liberal Nazi. He is not as a powerful as an Obongo, who in turn, is not as powerful as some mega-billionaire, who buys policies that has gotten us to Murka. Ironically, it was a Rusky kike kid with a criminal record, who shot one of de Dumbio’s PIGS with a pellet gun, near his residential complex.

      • I’ve never been to NYC, JS. I like to learn about the City for education, but I don’t pay close attention. But clearly, one has to be hooked up to become a mayor in NYC.

      • NYC is everything wrong with Murka on a smaller scale.

        NYC is a blood sucker for high taxes. High taxes is what kills an average person’s livelihood and peace of mind. High taxes pay for the draconian police force, multi-generational welfare subsidies to de Dumbio’s colored minions and protected pigs like religious kikes, and just the overall bureaucratic corruption and inefficiency, many at the hands of coloreds and Jews.

        Now why do many young wites live NYC and deal with this BS? The same reason why they line up for a movie that comes out of Hollywood.

  3. Privacy is dead in Murka, yet so is Murka as a nation. The police state functions to keep to-be troublemakers from starting trouble in elite areas.

    Murka’s tax coffers pay for everything that benefits the elites (such as the police state) and their MINO minions (when it comes to welfare subsidies). Furthermore, it’s nothing, but a big business. Murka is UncleBeast Inc.

    A much less severe way to stop Murka’s heart from pumping is to stop doing business with it, like these corporate chains in Murka that have all the money, power and monopoly over everything.

    • People have been trying to starve the corporations for a long time, JS. But so few care that we don’t make much of a dent. The masses are just too stupid.

      • That’s correct. My take on witedullienials in NYC is a good example. They do everything that benefits the elites and MINOs in exchange for a cool experience living in NYC.

        Many well to do wites are just buying more fun, before the whole thing really goes down. Elite wites might need to be careful for what they wish for. The saying goes that the higher one climbs, the harder the fall. Murka has taken too many things for granted.

  4. When “we” say “privacy is dead,” what is really meant is that “white” male has embraced his own annihilation. Privacy died with the “legalization” of abortion which is an atrocity against the white race by anti-white Supremacist greater than even the crimes of UncleBeast especially against the “other.”.

    • I agree, TD. Roe v Wade was a disaster. We don’t cover it much, but a WN should be anti-abortion.

      • WN should be anti-abortion

        If stats prove abortion reduces coloreds and not Whites, then how do you feel?

      • I support abortion for non-whites, but non-abortion for whites. Either way, chopping up babies is a little twisted.

      • Either way, chopping up babies is a little twisted.

        You would’ve made a poor Hun, or WW2 US bombardier over Germany.

      • I have to say that I find the average American more savage and disturbed than any serial killer or terrorist I’ve ever studied. The things they approve of and the scale of the consequent actions are hard to believe.

        [ed note: this is the basis of my theory that they are thus ripe for dictatorship and fall]

      • This ^^^ is the wrong way to look at it…

        Abortion JUST IS self-annihilation.

        So that leaves “us” with “black” self-annihilation and this leaves “us” with “white” self-annihilation. To the former, “we” have no hand in the mix and only speak to the general understanding of abortion as self-annihilation. If a “black” individual can’t “see” it then he’s probably a nigger. To the latter, “we” most definitely have a hand in the mix, largely our own, and against the zeitgeist is the work of converting high IQ “white” annihilators to “see” the privacy-killing act of a white child’s abortion.

      • Ryu…

        Might as well be “matter of fact” where matters of fact explain the descent and degeneracy.

        When a “white” female kills HER CHILD in utero

        She KILLS a “part” of her SELF…

        She commits an act of Self-annihilation.

        Alt-riters who speak in favor of abortion do so not for the purpose of mitigating all-out niggertry, but rather, because they DESIRE “white” female self-annihilation. It’s very pathological.

  5. Yes, the FFs indeed knew America could fail, so they prepared a good defense for We The People to use; their grave error was depending upon this future people to possess average IQ – and not be distracted with silly games.

    • Any smart, conscientious wite person knows that in Murka, just about anything touched by LNs and coloreds signify irreversible decline, and nothing is immune from it. Therefore, a total degeneration of the entire country is the solution to the problem. I see no point of working towards improving this country, unless one cleans up the toxic cesspool via eradication.

      40 million coloreds and counting, then 60 million more incoming non-wites, miggas, either legal or illegal (does it matter), cannot bode well for Murka.

      • nything touched by LNs and coloreds signify irreversible decline

        All one need do is compare mtv’s vmas year to year to note the continued dissolution of MRKA.

      • Hence, why would anyone with a right mind, would want to restore Murka to its former glory, when LNs and their MINO minions are everywhere? Professionals do not restore a piece of real estate, before eradicating vermin that are crawling in its environs.

      • Hence, why would anyone with a right mind, would want to restore Murka

        The primary problem (and reason) for the coming fall is twofold: A disembodied citizenry w/out virtue or decency, then a demographic irrevocably shifting to colored breeds.

      • All the reason for Murka turn into a complete morass and let it boggle.

        A former company that I used to be part of, is now heading into ruins and its shareholders are furious. It’s quite obvious that a public company does not run well, with coloreds taking the roles of wites, which is exactly what happened.

      • There is something happening that may be of interest to you, FP.

        It’s almost a crack in the surveillance state. A criminal has gotten away with these amazing crimes, and he “should” have been caught.

        This case is red-hot, the composite sketch is out, his vehicle description is public. I’m baffled as to why he hasn’t been caught yet.

        All it take to catch him is his LP. Then it’s it.

      • Ryu: colored/migga hunting is an easy ordeal. They don’t live in heavy fortified areas with heavy police surveillance like their LN masters. the problem, wites are not emboldened yet…there isn’t a catalyst to start it. The best bet is that some old booger gets thing rolling…

  6. Well, at least the SPLC still has full freedom of speech.

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