Retrieving Underwater Fingerprints

by Ryu

IT IS IMPORTANT to note, that these articles are not intended to be exhaustive. There’s too much out there to cover it all in one article.

The American police state is vast and now has the full support of American scientists. Everyday, they dream up new ways to catch “criminals” – which is all living Americans. Those who really need this information will become experts on their own; there’s no other way to be sure.

Fingerprints are some of the most valuable evidence left at a crime scene. To predict where prints may be left, observe for a time how you use your hands. The people who process scenes spend alot of time doing just that.

SPR stands for Small Particle Reagent. This is what is used to develop wet prints.

Underwater forensics is a new area, being created around 2000. Few areas are good at it right now, but you may be sure New York and Florida have well-practiced units.

All of this is a pain. If only WNs had it as easy as cops or soldiers, who never have to consider being caught. Maybe this will help build appreciation as to how amazing our DAAs are.

I would also like to take the time to remind WNs of the electronic surveillance net, the 5Cs: computers, credit cards, cars, CCTV, and cell phones. The American police are keeping it somewhat quiet, though it plays a major part in all modern investigations. If it is electronic, you cannot trust it.

Being a criminal is getting harder all the time. In a fully developed police state, government agents are the only criminals left. Be careful and be sure.

2 Comments to “Retrieving Underwater Fingerprints”

  1. All the stuff here and elsewhere could be compiled in a field operator’s manual, like an updated Anarchist Cookbook. Have to beware of disinformation and corrupted versions though.

    • It could, but one has to be SURE.

      The only way to be certain is to do all the research yourself. You can’t trust anyone else with your freedom.

      I have considered writing a book. But the type of man who would actually use it would not rely upon just one work, but many. There are no shortcuts. He would make his own way.

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