A Warning for Future DAAs

by Ryu

Most will get caught.

It is not because they are “stupid” or short-sighted, but because the American police state has a thousand and one devices. Only an insider has any hope.

There’s a great secret that has been forgotten. One has to have the skills of the enemy to defeat the enemy:

To become a killer, become someone who catches killers.

To become an arsonist, become an arson investigator.

The best thief was first a man who caught thieves.

The best terrorist was first a counter-terrorist.

The best cops used to be criminals; and the best criminals are former cops.

One has to master BOTH sides of the equation. Not just one.

Incidently, this is alway why the Americans will not win their “War on Turr” and “War on Crime.” They don’t understand criminals or turrists.

In a way, you have to become the enemy to beat him. It seems the gods made a sort of “ultimate empathy” necessary to truly win. Demonizing the enemy too much makes victory impossible.

This goes for nationalists too. You wanna beat the jews? Become one. It is the best way to learn.

5 Comments to “A Warning for Future DAAs”

  1. That means the SJW’s can’t win in the long run, because they have irrevocably closed their minds to the truth, unlike their opponents who often started out politically correct.

  2. “You wanna beat the jews? Become one. It is the best way to learn.”

    Yes, I would only add that you should be prepared to accept the consequences of your infiltration — our nascent “movement” is too sparse currently to provide supportive structure and so ideologically scattered, you will be ostracized as a rogue. Only the strong and convinced can deal with that. Know thyself.

    • A WN should be used to ostracism. I can now appeciate how Jesus was crucified by the jews he came to save. WN’s greatest enemy is ordinary whites, in the same way.

      • Yup, must be prepared to be entirely anonymous (which will entail no glory — and we like good feelz) or utterly despised by those whose continued existence is being championed, including visible WNs. Few have the strength/character/conviction to give their life for a principle where the only feedback will be a lifetime of being ignored or hated. This route is a heavy decision and for some it will take years of contemplation and study. That alone will change an outlook enough to understand that there is no turning back.

      • That’s the hardest thing, FWM.

        Anyone who is good at what he does, wants credit. Especially when one is doing something really exceptional in WN. In the American police state, a WN can’t take credit. They are out there, but very few know about them, or even how to know how to detect them.

        We’ve had so many martyrs, hundreds. Most have been forgotten.

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