Innocent People DO Need Legal Representation

by Ryu

Everyone knows this information, but few apply it.

You cannot outsmart the police by talk. They already think anyone not in uniform is a liar. They don’t like you or trust you. You cannot eliminate their suspicions by any statement you make.

The police have a saying. Maybe I’m the first to write this: ABC Accept Nothing, Believe Nothing, Challenge Everything.

(Challenge everything…except the nature of the system and the people you “serve”. But that’s another story. Don’t accept “objectivity” from a man being paid money.)

Whatever you say, they won’t believe it anyways. They will be verifying everything with receipts, cell phone records, your home computer, other witnesses, CCTV, and so on. There is actually only one alibi the police accept: “I was in jail at the time.”

Today, once you are on the suspect list, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get away with it. After you are on the list, it doesn’t matter how good you are. They have all the time in the world.

They might “shake the tree” by having cops overtly follow you. Dumpster diving. Being pulled over all the time. Harassing phone calls or visiting you at work. Maybe they’ll wire up a friend or a cellmate to get you talking. There’s a thousand legal tricks in the American police state.

There is no penalty for a cop being wrong. Cops don’t have to apologize to innocent people they accuse of being guilty. It makes things very simple to approach everyone as a suspect.

I encourage nationalists to adopt the police investigative mindset and see where it leads: everyone lies, everyone has something to hide, everyone self-serves and wants to look good….including and especially cops and soldiers. ABC.

2 Comments to “Innocent People DO Need Legal Representation”

  1. If I ever do find myself in legal jeopardy, all else being the same, I hope it’s not because I’m innocent lol.

  2. Wouldn’t it be funny if ISIS managed to assinate Obongo sometime between now and the November election? Could be a smuggled Chinese Silkworm missile flown into the oval, Iraqi never gas shells detonated at a rally, or RPG’s fired into the motorcade by suicide operatives.

    Unlikely, but one might dream like Hollywood does.
    Hellary would get a sympathy bump and the donald would probably demand voting day be moved forward.

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