Cops and Soldiers CAN’T Get Away With It

by Ryu

They don’t train to. The USG takes care it for them.

The recent BLM actions give a great example. Both of their shooters were ex-mil. Both succeeded in the action part, but they couldn’t get out. It’s a different story working for the USG when you’ve got comms, backup, and a helo or APC waiting.

The action is only 1% of what has to be done. The other 99%….is getting away with it. I salute the bravery of the BLM shooters. But I cannot salute their exit strategy; they didn’t have one. It was a suicide mission, which means laziness.

Cop-killers CAN get away with it.

It’s a special job though. There was to be an effort made to dramatically increase the time to discovery. They have to be sure they have total surprise so backup isn’t called. And they have to maintain a distance, to make escape easier and also to avoid detection.

There shouldn’t be any moral objection to using “ambushes.” The American police do hundreds of these every day – they call them raids. Speed, surprise, violence of action.

The police don’t fight fair. Cheat, lie, do whatever it takes to go home at the end of the shift. Why should those fighting the police follow the rules?

For a positive example, we again turn again to Bardstown. “There’s a COP KILLER ON THE STREETS, on the loose!” The Bardstown shooter has been free and clear for 3 years. That case is ice-cold. It’ll never be solved unless the police get a rat talking.

2 Comments to “Cops and Soldiers CAN’T Get Away With It”

  1. Every minute of defensive action takes hours of obsessive plotting and planning and paranoid pondering of every damn thing that could go wrong. It would have to be like a magic illusion.

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