Don’t Make Threats; Carry Them Out

by Ryu

Don’t queer the mark with warnings.

If you need to do something, just do it. Quietly, efficiently, don’t take credit, don’t let anyone know.

Some organizations are rich and powerful enough that they can make credible threats without reprucussions. When the US military or police kill someone, they make sure everyone knows about it. Sometimes they splatter the corpse all over the TV, as they did with Osama, Saddam and Qaddafi.

And the public cheers. As I have written many times, the American public loves torture, arson, murder and robbery – as long as a uniform does it. WN is not like the USG. We have no money and few men.

Leaving a calling-card, in any form, makes investigative aspects easier. No one investigates the USG when it murders. You cannot compare those working with and without government approval.

It is always easier to work a soft target than a hard one. Always. Make things easy on yourself and strive to make the job easier.

10 Comments to “Don’t Make Threats; Carry Them Out”

  1. Always remember, if you get caught plotting something (even if it was really just talk) you’ll probably do just as much time as if you actually did it. Nowadays with the thoughtcrime laws, you might even get more time. Cops love that since they get to make a high profile arrest with absolutely no danger to themselves. So, never forget to…..shut the hell up.

    • The American police state works best on large groups. That way they can turn an informant very easily. Virtually no group over 2 even gets to perform its action.

      …but they never stop wolfies.

      We’ve seen many cases where the USG has failed. That muzz shooter in Florida, the Tzaraaras boston bomber guy and his bro, and some of the BLM shooters.

      I see many patterns. People out to buy grenades or pipe bombs always get caught. Kiddies who want to shoot up their school only get caught when they advertise on the net.

      The American police state is mostly welfare for the high IQ middle class set. And it’s mostly a threat. I both fear it and not fear it at the same time. It cannot “stop” much but it is very good at doing searches after the fact.

  2. Ryu: I know I run this blog with many NYC comments, especially of those with kikes and local coloreds, but it’s pertinent to WN.

    These very religious Jews in NYC are notorious for bribing law enforcement, and getting off their crimes in return. They even have their own vigilante groups that attack niggas & miggas, because these 2 groups have been preying on them for many decades. You got primitives that set their buses on fire while others harass their women.

    These religious nutbags, not only practice a more savage form of Jewwism, they love to live near other savages. Now, as you know, everybody hates kike suckers, primitives do, but when they fight each other, it’s like the FFOL fighting one another, and this is a good sign.

    This goes to show you how repugnant, yet powerful and ruthlesss these Jews can be:

    Not only do these kikes punched and blinded this gay colored, they’re off the hook for jail time, and refuse to do community service with coloreds. Instead they want to do community with their own people. I’m sure with their power and bribing schemes, the justice system will say yes and grant them what they wish.

    WNs could learn a lot from these kike suckers!

    • If only WNs had the money to buy that kind of pull, JS. THey must be a type of jewish enforcer. I am surprised they were brought in at all.

      • Those Jews have their own law enforcement or gangster police so coloreds who live near them, do not try to start shit with them. Sort of like George Zimmerman, the community watchdog who shot and killed Tryvone Martin. But these guys have a lot more money and muscle power.

        They also get their money from renting their apartments, at ridiculous rental rates to stupid witeBrandons, who also live near them, but on the other side of town, because they want to live the New York life.

        They also bribe PIGS, because they love money just as much as much as Jews, but PIGS are generally stupid.

        As much as Jews are hated, they are doing everything right. They basically control both colored and wite.

  3. The only acceptable reason to make a threat is when there’s no intention of carrying it out. Psychological warfare IOW.

  4. Hagakure: “By waiting to ;get the agreement of others, a matter like taking revenge will never be brought to a conclusion. One should have the resolution to go alone and even to be cut down. A person who speaks vehemently about taking revenge but does nothing about it is a hypocrite. Clever people, by using their mouths alone, are taking care of their reputations for a later date. But a real stalwart is a man who will go out secretly, saying nothing, and die. It is not necessary to achieve one’s aim ; one is a stalwart in being cut down. Such a person will most likely achieve his pur-pose”

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