The Blue Wall: Cop Omerta

by Ryu

EVERYTHING DONE BY “CRIMINALS” IS ALSO DONE BY COPS. Those who deny that are usually supporters of the Murkan police state.

The American police have their own version of the mob’s omerta: the blue wall.

You don’t rat on other cops, no matter what. Anyone who does will be excluded, their posessions vandalized and sometimes they will even be killed. Hey – does that sound like what criminals do to their informants?

One three letter word will strike fear into every police officer: IAD. Internal affairs division. Cops who investigate and hunt other cops.

What is the magical trick to catch corrupt cops?

None – the same things they use against dopers: surveillance, informants, and busts. The ultimate police state tool is the undercover informant, which works great against cops also.

The two most famous rat-cops are Bob Luce and Frank Serpico. Both are pariahs in the law enforcement community, sent to pasture to give endless seminars to rookies. No cop anywhere in the country would work with them anymore.

Cops hate rats as much as any cartel or mobster. They will use them however, because it is basically the same as getting a confession. It is simple and like everyone, police want to make their own jobs easier.

Make no mistake – there are WN investigators who could get 99+% of cops, SEALs, marines, and soldiers to rat just as much as any street criminal or terrorist…without using any violence or torture. Threaten a cop or soldier’s pension and healthcare and they’ll roll like any strung-out doper. For them, it’s either hold a gun for the USG or drive carts for WalMart.

“Prince of the City” is my fav pig-snitch movie. Luce gets totally pimped out by the federal prosecuters. He roots out corruption in the NYPD only to work for corrupt feds. The music really captures how screwed Luce was.

3 Comments to “The Blue Wall: Cop Omerta”

  1. Law enforcement is not about right but might. They bury their illusions as rookies.

    There are legal ways to bribe the police, the way Scientology hires off-duty cops to guard their compounds, or lawyers hire them as consultants. As long as the person doing the bribing is respectable (ie has a lot of money). It’s the difference between being a model and a prostitute.

  2. The Demons from Hillary, Slim, Ryan, on down are working to destroy us, aided by the iron hand of political correctness.

    The police might as well be an alien occupation force.

    So I guess I feel the same about them as the blacks do, if for the opposite reason.

    • Ha, I know what your name means. Whites and blacks are both kept in the same prison by the same guards. Once we get out of that prison, it is a different game.

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