Will Donald Trump Be Rolling Back the American Police State?

by Ryu

Tearing down the LPRs and CCTVs on traffic lights?

Defunding the FBI and NSA?

De-militarizing the American police?

Criminalizing with REAL penalties for misusing public information?

The answer is no.

About the only issue Trump is really “pro-white” on is immigration. Somehow, this makes him a great friend to the white man, our savior, and the solution to all of our problems. WNs today are so hungry for progress that they’ll accept the smallest morsel and call it a banquet.

Whoever wins, the American police state will still be there, working for the USG and against US.

In police states, voting is irrelevent. If voting did change anything, it would be made illegal or corrupted to the elite’s favor. And America has been a police state since at least 1969.


None! WN does not propose a ‘moderate’ change. It is already guaranteed that voting will not work, because they are already so many minos inside the US who can vote. They will not be voting for the white man.

The concept of revolution involves two simultaneous paths: one is a legal and visible one. The legal one makes us look nice, harmless and normal. This is done to gain time and MONEY from the public.

The other side is the illegal and immoral one. All governments and groups have this side – assassination, arson, torture, murder, theft, rape. The USG has the world’s most famous assassin team, SEAL team 6. In combination these things are called “enforcement.” This is how those with power keep things in their favor, and how those who want power secure it.

It is good to be social and run with the crowd sometimes; if WNs wish to worship the Golden Calf for a season, try it. But don’t be fooled that it is “progress.” There are no cheap, risk-free, money-back guarantee revolution for sale.

45 Comments to “Will Donald Trump Be Rolling Back the American Police State?”

  1. I wish Philippines’ Rodrigo-Duterte would run, you know, the one who gave ‘shoot-to-kill’ orders against drug dealers, including politicians involved in the illicit trade. I bet it wont take him four decade to win the war on drugs, in the Philippines it is an actual war, not SWAT teams busting teens like in murka.

  2. Arr. Trump. Will he win? Well at this stage we’ve got three more months of the cuckolded media telling us why Americans shouldn’t vote for him. I think his crime yesterday was to campaign in Maine Jaysus man that’s almost Canada FFS.

    More entertainingly, on the other side of the pond, we’ve got the media telling us why we should not vote for him. They don’t seem to have figured out that Europeans don’t vote in American elections. Still it provides them with a therapeutic distraction.

    Of course Trump wont get rid of the police state. He answer one important question though. Will anything change at all?
    If it doesn’t then expect more people visiting sites like this.

    • I don’t expect anything to change dramatically for the better if Trump is in power. Trump’s persona is a NYC developer, no different from his parasitic Jew in laws, who collect rent money for a living.

      The real issue with Trump for wites outside of the elite castles is this:

      Will he rebuild the Detroits and Birminghams of Murka?

      And even if he did, you can’t avoid the colored problem.

      Colored infestation means a lower standard of living. They shit, piss and make a mess wherever they go.

      Domesticated coloreds need to be constantly supervise, like a tame wild animal with its instincts.

  3. The real reason why we have a herculean police state has to do with the people whom we despised. Coloreds, miggas and other inferior intellectuals have no concept of civic duty, that have made White nations the apex of civilization.

    Feudal Murka needs it even more, The masters needs to keep their servants and animals in line from acting up. Manhattan, DC and SF keep tabs on everyone within their confines every second of their lives.

  4. “They don’t seem to have figured out that Europeans don’t vote in American elections.”

    Just you wait. They’ll get those votes in for Hillary.

  5. Ryu: Here is a ranking of the highest paid to the lowest paid PIGS by location:


    PIGS in the Bay of Pigs and the entire Golden State are the highest paid, in regards to city/state law enforcement.

    #1 Nassau County in New York is where many of our Wall St Vampires live.

    Liberal centers paid the highest, no doubt, because they need PIGS to keep their playgrounds in order.

    NJ is not really a Liberal State, but they have very corrupt politicians similar to Illinois, that inflate the expense of the PIGS for their own benefit.

    • Thanks! So all the rich cops live in Cali or around NYC. 100K just for policework seems amazing.

      • Any luxurious liberal playground needs to be guarded in its pristine condition, free from riff-raff within or outside. The other reason was pointed out by FP, a guarding of funds and NJ is a very good example of a highly corrupt state. The entire place looks like a green wasteland, devoid of anything with one calls civilization. Yet, they spend a huge chunk of their budget guarding its capital.

      • Don’t forget gambling playgrounds, since they pay the cops really well to keep them from heisting the casinos themselves. That list, if you noticed, was compiled from 2015 stats. The pay has only gone up since then and I don’t think they take into account cushy pensions and bennies. Being an enforcer for the system is highly lucrative.

        [ed note: double dipping pigs retire at 44, then continue working for 2 more oppressors, then retire in another lower tax rate state. the love The System]

  6. The police state and BiGGov are in total symbiosis, for one funds the other to guard its funds.

    • Yes, you make a good point. NJ is a green desert, but its greedy bureaucrats need PIGS to guard the slush fund, located in the state’s capital.

  7. I can’t recall even Mrka, the alleged “freeKuntry” ever repealing a law that initially gave it POWER. Perhaps only minutemen can: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/gps-under-attack-crooks-rogue-workers-wage-electronic-war-n618761

    • Ha! Beatcha FP. I already have a few of them. Supposedly, they are legal to buy and posess, but illegal to use. I don’t use them much, as they can be tracked by the “blind-spot/sphere” of interference they produce.

      Sometimes MC gangs use these. It scares cops when their radios and cell phones don’t work. Not so tough without the backup.

    • The more complicated the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain. The system will never get more than breathing room occasionally since they need to deploy fixes to the entire infrastructure before its ‘secure.’ (if there is such a thing.) By the time that’s done, their fix will already be outdated. The manufacturers love this since it keeps them selling all those improved versions. Where would the security industry be without the crooks?

      • The citizens’ absence of countermeasures against the Police State proves their preference for Bread N’ Circus. Once Virtual Reality suck-off machines replace sexting, The State will run on auto-pilot.

  8. There is one system which I think is ripe for an exploit, but which I haven’t heard anything about is these new smart meters used in the power industry . The SOBs are too cheap to pay meter readers so they installed these things in various cities. An exploit on these things could be quite interesting to say the least.

  9. I’ve experienced far too much White Trash to now ever believe they deserve salvation.

    • After dumbing down the wite populace for many decades, with propaganda, many wites have become virtually useless and parasitic like this kike fella.


      Only a kike gets the special privilege to leave jail, accused of spying for israel, with a lucrative Wall St job waiting for him.

      wite ex-cons do not have this benefit.

    • And many elite wites are no better, they now depend on miggas and niggas for the most basic human needs, and they probably couldn’t save their asses if they wanted to, if white trash is entirely gone.

      • FP, does Hill have poor health?

        It’s clear that she’s going to win. I keep seeing things that she’s got trouble walking, speaking, and becoming feeble.

        [ed note: establishment media kept secret FDR’s polio and JFKs wandering cock, so assume the worst]

    • A man or race saves itself. Before then, nothing happens.

      I think it’s a beautiful thing when people fight back, regardless of “right or wrong” or “the odds.” The Muzz do it, and BLM does it a little bit.

      I have tried to support this characteristic in whites, but it isn’t present in large numbers yet. I support the robber who steals and lies to survive.

      A free society needs criminals FP. Many of them. The white race is not criminal enough! There are no legal revolutions. There is something “false” and “wrong” with the way many WNs look down on Muzz and negro criminality.

      • Whites are better than these groups. WNs look down on them, because their mal-adaptive behaviors are the heart of the issue. MINOs are inherently inferior primitives who don’t belong in Western Civilization.

        The real issue lies with WNs not being ruthless enough to get what they want, and not ruthless enough to take on their enemies.

      • If whites are so “superior” why are the inferior minos running this country?

        If that is inferior behavior, WNs must plumb the depths. I’d love to see minos lament white raiding and pilaging. We could be gaining money and power while our enemies cry on the internet.

      • The rise of the police state in my interpretation is a work of our LN elites, who enjoy provoking a hornets’ nest, and then find ways to subdue the hornets, while enraging them and profiting from it. The same way our elites exploit the inherent savage nature of coloreds and Muzzies.

        [ed note: it is self-perpetuating: the Masses’ response to provocation justifies the Elites’ force]

  10. There’s simply so few Worthy Whites, the mission is impossible. Picture a 1776 where the rousing speeches fell on idiots who preferred card games, drinking and plays.

    It’s not a message failure but a failure of The People; they no longer deserve Liberty.

    • Elitists in most nations are generally more intelligent than their masses, but Murka has now become an equalizer. Dimwits are found in the entire class stratum, and the only thing that separates them is the police state.

      • The police state is a Bureaucracy State benefiting a middle class dependent on BiGGov’s huge employment figures: iirc, it employs more than GM.

      • Moronic Murkans’ stupidity is so appalling among the elite class in the castle cities, which nearly in-distinguishes them from the dumpity in trailer park, in low social consciousness. What separates them is the police state. Castle cities get premium protection from heavy duty surveillance which ensures any riff-raff, especially coloreds, do not budge an inch of trouble in their luxury grounds, while wites are out to fend for themselves, from any encroaching nigga, migga, and perhaps even a muzzie, in mobile land.

      • If Ryu encourages looting and pillaging of coloreds, yes, he’s right. It’s quite possible in fact, because the police state is sparse in these areas, comparing that of their LN masters. The problem is that most WNs or wites, do not care about stealing from coloreds, because these primitives do not own a penny of worth. Having said that, a rambo style with mass eradication of peppering spraying, is more than easy, but wites are not ready for that.

      • I do salute raiding of minos.

        …but more importantly, OF THEIR SUPPORTERS.

        That includes large corporations and white liberals. They got rich stealing from ordinary whites. It is just to steal from them also.

        There are stories of robbers targeting Hispanics. They don’t trust banks, and don’t have ID. So they only use cash.

  11. The Police State is the strongest in elite LN areas, therefore, stealing and pillaging in places like NYC or SF is very difficult.

    Coloreds generally don’t have much, but they’re the real pets of LNs. Hispanics are easier to steal from, because they have money and some of them have businesses. Coloreds don’t really have jack shit, just only political influence, with entire dependence of the welfare state, and 1st priority for all MINO subsidies.

    FP is correct about wites not being able to take their country back. Then I alluded the apathy of wites on the side of the fence. Many elite wites are also unaware of the titanic sinking to rock bottom, or simply because they don’t care.

    Remember, Hitler had wealthy elites who supported him.

    • What perpetuates the wyte apathy among middle classes is the inherent economic wealth of the nation abetting their indulgent slumber. Poor countries erupt while wealthy nations collapse slowly from rot – because they can prolong the party.

      • Found a vid for you, FP. Tell me how you like it:

      • Murka basically has 2 problems that its wites of all classes from the wealthy elite to the average proletariat on the trailer trail, are not attune. The large presence of the Jew and colored filth that are not found in other Western Nations.

        Without these 2, Murka would have been simply been Merica, or even better, a large Scotland or Wales.

        A State like New Mexico or Arizona, with its proud miggas, is socially more functional and healthy, than any liberal Jew infested center like NYC, that calls for self suicide and not self preservation.

  12. The point in asking
    Is projecting
    In a Trump move
    Any sign of defecting
    From the one rule
    That all wns agree
    Is the pig stool
    That’d be a “white man”
    As UncleBeast’s
    Deadly Enforcement Tool…

    • If the survival of Western Nations depend on the strength and talents of its citizens, then Murka would be the 1st to self-annihilate.

      Reading up on world stats of youth readiness, FP’s Murkan witeDullienials are the last on the list, below their counterparts of Canuckiland and glorious old Eurot.

      • Murka survives on the collected works of earlier generations. To a large extent, it is already dead.

      • witeMurkans had it too good for too long, and now the chickens have come home to roost. Murka has great land, great weather, great resources and wites blew the opportunity to utilize everything at their disposal. Elites realized this and took it away from them, by doling out breads and circuses to keep them in a state of ignorance, and now degeneracy. There’s no turning back to the good ole days. Furthermore, many of them are flat broke. When you need that money for a rainy day, now we call it an exodus plan, it is no longer there.

  13. The Police State
    Equals “default elite” state
    A symbiotic regression
    To satiate
    Parasites behind the pearly gates
    And parasites
    With ghetto gaits…
    Long lines
    With no waits
    Vast oceans
    And no waves
    Last rites
    Are rants raves
    Who shall save
    Our race
    One will
    Or a collective deal
    To ask the question
    Is to answer with zeal…

  14. Over at Outside In the consensus is it’s probably better if Hillary wins. Trump would let off some steam, but wouldn’t take the kettle off the fire. Depends on how much energy he has left. I’ll take a miracle any way I can get it.

    • I agree. Trump couldn’t save Murka if he wanted to; it’s too late for all that. Better to just burn the whole thing down and start fresh.

      • That’s correct. I can’t imagine a place like Murka sustaining with its hordes of non-wite immigrants year after year.

        There are 40 million coloreds and counting, who have the most kids of every demographic group.

  15. As we predicted, Trump is just another wite elite that panders to coloreds for votes:

    With the exception of Ben Carson in the room, one could rule out that most of his colored/migga minions are just FOShit!

    • First things first… Is Trump trying to win or is he as many allude just paving the way for Hillary?

      I think Trump is in it to win it regardless of his ultimate loyalties or lack thereof.

      I said very early on that Trump was going after working class “blacks” on the economic front creating allies with white working class versus the migger invaders.

      And it’s still quite clear that he remains oblivious to the white man’s fundamental pathology EVEN within himself.

      He has to be RELENTLESSLY pressed JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER “white” male towards wS. There can be no let up upon the Trump whether he wins or loses? One way or another he should be made to provoke a viable financing of wS. White Supremacy is the direction where he has pointed his finger.

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