Hunting Redcoats

by Ryu

White cops DO NOT protect white nationalists or the white race!

America is now ruled by a liberal nazi regime. Their “new Aryan man” is the mulatto type. Everyone working for the USG, including cops and soldiers, serves this ideal.

For some reason, many WNs support the white police; perhaps they wish to recruit them. But it is a long way from being a white cop to being a white nationalist. White skin is not enough. Being white is just one requirement. In fact, a white cop’s true color is BLUE, not white. He’s more cop than white.

Cops protect law and order. There have indeed been times and places where law and order served the white race, such as Germany under the National Socialists. Today in America, that “law and order” serves mino interests, not white ones.

The American police have been a great factor in supressing nationalists at all levels. Police states are impossible without police. Whenever there is a fake hate attack at a college or synagoge, the police are always quick to blame “hate groups”, and the error is never corrected when the hoax is revealed. The American police have made alot of money and reputation off of us.

White cops serve no purpose for WN; WN has effectively been without government protection for decades. Racists do not go to gay dance clubs or theaters. Whenever the antifas or jews go after WNs, we have to operate outside the system to do anything about it. At most of our rallies, the police arrest us, not the enemy, no matter how badly they act.

Average white civilians are even worse off; the police can’t properly protect them because it would be racist. We can say that a black man following you at night is probably a mugger, but they can’t. Horrible crimes commited against whites by minos, like the Chris Cannon torture, are routinely covered up by the cops. “Good guy” cop groups like the Oathkeepers are absolutely useless and have never stopped anything.

For these reasons, every dead pig removes a barrier to WN’s success. As it sits, white cops are the most loyal servants the USG has. They truly believe in what they are doing. As long as they are paid by our enemies, they will continue to serve them.

13 Comments to “Hunting Redcoats”

  1. Cops were never free agents, you can’t hold this against them, but you can bet that every cop patrolling the hood is racist, they are the most race aware cog in the system, no one else will give whitey more leeway than cops, and they are susceptible to your message, even more so now after the whole BLM chimp out. Or here in Europe after the summer of migration love, where cops were doing double and triple shifts to deal with the problem, only to be called racist and not have overtime paid…

    What i mean is, you don’t want to stand with BLM when it comes to cops, you don’t want to push away possible allies.

    Remember, retired cops need something to do! And we have a bad imagine problem as it…

    • Cops and beurocrats are the system’s most loyal supporters. They are essentially bought off with high salaries and cushy pensions. Where I live, cops make 80k entry level and usually by the time they retire in 20 or so years many make anywhere from 200 to 300k. Retirement pensions are 80% of their salary plus all kinds of bennies. You think they’re going to risk that? In America cash is God.

      In a revolution the low level minions of the state are the most loyal because they know if big daddy collapses they’re going to be the ones decorating trees. This is mainly due to the fact that they are the ones the people can get hold of. The truly powerful will have long fled with their cash filled luggage.

      • 80K a year is tremendous for a cop. I bet those guys love their job. I cannot imagine retiring at 50 with a pension like that. They’ve got things the common man couldn’t dream of.

      • Exactly Ryu, these guys have it made in the shade. They’ll tow the line no matter what. However, like all greedy bastards they have overdone it and their salaries/pension funds are driving the city into bankruptcy. Our Fire Dept has an equally cushy arrangement and they were still caught doing overtime fraud so,their pensions would be higher!

  2. What are your thoughts on the Battle of Sacremento, where WNs cut up antifa types pretty bad without being arrested? Should this be attributed to an E&E plan or a sympathetic (paid off) cop?

    • I saw that, Guest. I too was surprised that the Nazis weren’t picked up immediately. That’s very strange. I do know they went in knowing that a fight was coming, because they trained for it. Probably they did have an escape plan.

  3. wyte SWATZIs are an offshoot of wyte meat volunteerin’ fer the militree: They are action seekers indifferent to a cause – especially “justice” – of which there is little today. Murka is a Police State.
    Recently there was some white Millennial Texan(?) doofus shot by KillerCOPS; they shot the shit out of him. google the vid. He was in some nasty shit pick-up truck.

    Kolored Kops also are Blue. They are also seek action and will waste a fellow colored for a cheap thrill when the opportunity arises.

    NO SWATZI supports the 2nd am: if everybody was armed and TSHTF, SWATZIs are out of a job pronto. They are fearful of all those they’ve brutalized.

    • “NO SWATZI supports the 2nd am: if everybody was armed and TSHTF, SWATZIs are out of a job pronto. They are fearful of all those they’ve brutalized.”

      Exactly, in a SHTF scenario the ‘criminal class’ or anyone screwed over by the system will get their revenge. The top of the list would be cops, judges, petty beurocrats who screwed with people and your local neighborhood informers.

    • Yep FP. The best evidence I’ve seen is what cops do to cop-killers. They beat them, sometimes kill them. That’s the penalty for putting fear into Uncle Beast’s minions.

      They are more afraid than any of us. It’s just not covered on the TV.

    • I saw that, JS. Good story; a jew on the rise is shot by one of his pet negros. Not much there – if they hunt the black, its racist. If they don’t find the suspect, its antisemetic. One less jew to worry about. He was a pawn anyways.

      • Conspiracy theorists believe he was killed under the order of Clinton, because he was about to testified against her. Another LN bites the dust.

  4. Italians, Jews, Irish, Greeks, Slavs, and Indians: The Dual Identity of “Near-Whites”
    during the us revolution the bloody brits aka irish army had a colonel known as the butcher that massacered americans they did their best to cover it up and deny he is irish also most if not all first antifa to get arrested were irish , ever notice the psycho mudslimes to make videos with red beards are irish
    Hell I just saw gangs of nyc uncensored and the natives called them irish niggers

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