German Liberal Nazism

by Firepower

TD’s NIGHTMARE: Shred-Concealing Carbs

Do any of you really get this?

In 1936, German Nazis were lead by a White Man.

In 2016, German Nazis are led by a fat LN feminist dyke.

In 1936, German Nazis ordered the news what to say – and they obeyed.

In 2016, German Nazis order the media what to say – and they obey.

In 1936, German Nazis commanded the Whites kill non-whites and it was done.

In 2016, German Nazis command the non-whites to kill all the whites and it is done.

Nazism was what we are familiar with.

Liberal nazism is ……the juxtaposition* of those races. It is a swap between who is the eradicator and whom is the eradicated.

Both “traditional” Nazism and Liberal nazism function with dictators controlling tyrannical Central Governments. Both use this power to eradicate their enemies.

Traditional Nazism was (White) Aryan Nationalists who wanted the nation for their race.

Liberal nazism are (diverse) Colored Nationalists who want America for theirs.

Traditional Nazism eradicated MINOs.

Liberal nazism eradicates Whites.

The problem is Today’s PeterPanzer dreaming of “ragnarok” and the NewsReelNAZI pining for Whermacht II simply cannot fathom (perhaps due to low education) that Liberals can also be nazis. They learned that a lot of it works and they are smart enough to use it – especially on the trailerparkers.

*LIUFY – if you’re too fucking stupid to know the word
Written feb 28, 2016


47 Comments to “German Liberal Nazism”

  1. There is anything threatening about this gestapo goof flub:

    wites in Murka are no longer intimidating.

  2. Eurots would have off this SOB peon, eons ago, had he lived in the old continent where he parades his colored family.

    • Welcome back, FP.

      I know Murka is a LN state. You could add a few lines:
      In 1936, Aryans were at the top of the pyramid and jews were at the bottom.

      In 2016, jews are at the top and Aryans are at the bottom.

      • The reason Ryu — wites decided that it was cool to hand Merica to Jewish MINO & Co, and they turned it into a Murkan cesspool.

      • Sadly, the massive destruction wrought by ww2 meant Germans were left powerless to reclaim their nation, while Murka’s avoidance of such destruction practically guarantees the jew a cushy place to rule – forever.

        My travels have proven to me that wites are now majority unfit to rule an America. While we few here at Eradica may not deserve extinction, neither did even the 2nd class passengers on Titanic – they were just along for the ride and perished with those who caused the problem. It’s a case of a tiny minority causing the end of a large majority.

        Whites have the “power” to awaken, but show zero inclination of even the slightest Racial Consciousness.

      • Jews are really drawn to the U$$$A, because of its inherent nature like flies on dung.

        The Jew does not erect cradles of civilization in black Africa or Mestizo Latin America and live among their hosts. He specifically parasitizes Aryan nations to his fitting and existence, and tragically tries to ruin them.

      • I have learned leaps and bounds since following that Rhosedian guy. He talks about how even in ancient history, white cultures had to deal with the jews.

        They say the jew sleeps with his bags packed under his bed. And when he escapes, he throws his money in front of him. I’ve seen pics of Jew-Chinese. It’s a very strange look.

  3. Before Nazi Germany came the Weimar Republic, which was pretty much as morally bankrupt as today’s Governments. Maybe even more so considering the general morality of most people was better then than now. Family has reminded me that Whites (esp Germanics) tend to be goodie two shoes until they’re not. That switch can flip suddenly and dramatically, however I can’t predict what will trigger it. There is more than enough cause already.

    Weimar set the stage for Nazi Germany and look how fast the change occurred once it was in motion. When the pendulum swings in the other direction it’ll swing far and hard, but will it be in time? How many Weimar era Germans were fit to rule Germany? Probably few, but that’s all it took. The majority usually does nothing, it’s the small dedicated minority that changes things. I’m not as optimistic as to say it will happen, but it’s not over yet either. However, I’ve never expected Whites to be able to retain all of America anyway. America died quite a while ago, it’s corpse just hasn’t fallen over yet.

    BTW, nice to see you back.

    • wites would not be able to retain Murka period, given the rates of incoming miggas per year, and the high birth rates of coloreds. All of our metros are increasingly non-White. Bahston, a city of working class wite proletariate, now projected to turn into a Florida in the next decade. Expect a migga from Hispaniola running for office in Bean Town shortly. Then our castle cities of NYC, DC and SF, where coloreds and 3rd world scum are the 21st century slaves, circling around these walled fortifications, because they are running rampant, instead of being chained to their masters.

      And one important thing, kikes will continue to grease their hands, and they’ll do it in the comfort of witeland.

    • I hope* a return makes progress, but the universal trend globally, nationally – and here – is towards indulging in the material benefits of life during the final decay of an empire.

      The trigger-switch, or straw that breaks the camel’s back, is almost always pushing The Decadence Limit past that limit toward collapse. We are too close to that point in the present to determine if we are close to it, or have indeed, passed it: I’ve recently decided Murka has failed. There is a bit more time to remedy this, but it needs White Youth – and they are among the worst: Apathetic and actually allied with coloreds in destruction.

      Note how even PC Professors publish History that’s totally oblivious (and devoid of ironic warning) to IRL situations they actually live:

      • Worse, they now breed with coloreds, unlike Jews who only exploit them.

        PC professors are pc because most universities operate on a publish or perish mentality, which is ultimately at the helm of the Jew with his printing press. You lose your fucking job for being a truth sayer.

        I had a few Classic Professors who were Jews, and they always had to inject their prejudices that Greco-Roman pagans were beneath the Jews, and they get away with it.

      • @ both JS & Ryu:
        jews were barely encroaching on power in diffused institutions by the 1920s. Only during/after ww2 did they gain control of Media and most banking; by the 70’s they conquered the final stronghold of Academia. Thus, jews have ruled all for 45 years.

        The goal was a diminished race of young Wyte Morlocks, which they’ve achieved fully. This, more than any other component, ensures the lack of any Resurrection for America. Despite the HappySappyTALK from PCSkool-trained “optimists n’ shit!™
        ” there is no Santa Claus fairy tale ending: This explains Dullennials perpetual satisfaction with no jobs and a cot in mom’s laundry room.

        It is not so much the “evil” of an Obongo Regime – AND a Bushite Pantload Regime – but both. That both are nearly as fucked as the other is a structural problem laid solely at the feet of voters – and especially the Dullennial Cohort that will eventually dominate as Baby Boogers and GenX die off. This applies also to Hitlery-Trump and all future Chelsea/Malia presidencies.

      • genbrandons/britneys with means are a cheaper version of the children of kikes, the only difference: heebs are the jewlords, and they have brainwashed them that a life of hedonistic degeneracy is good for one’s health. young wealthy kikes share the same line of thought, the only difference is that their family owns the recreational facility, and can easily bail out their troublesome son out of hot water. that doesn’t mean Jews are immune. I see a gradual slow death of God’s Chosen and Israel will implode in the next decade or so, with the same fate of the US and UK.

      • FP: Do you have any background info as to how NYC or Manhattan evolved into a Hymietown. Jews neither founded or built NYC. The grand architecture that one finds in Manhattan are all goyim creations.

        [ednote: ryu is correct. first comes the money, then the jew. It’s no only $$$ with the allure: The jew also detects power, for power indirectly brings money. it’s why the jew co-opted Vaudeville, then radio, movies and TV. It IS why there is a Zuckerjew. jew medicine and jew DC lobbyists/pols are recent victories.]

      • That’s where the $$$ is, JS. That’s my instinct. Jews are attracted to money and power like a rat to cheese.

      • I have found that even “objective” scientists and professors must satisfy the regime in power. The Americans used to have the “Soviet science” concept. But American intellectuals too must satisfy their masters. The author was a historian, not an activist.

  4. They need money and they want their comfy confines, free from riff-raff. The only coloreds they deal with, are the ones in their classrooms.

    And who are the most influential in American colleges?

    In 1966, Jews were the biggest whiners on college campuses, lamenting the fact that their people were hardly the helmsmen of these institutions. Fast forwarding to 2016, too many kike directors to count with 2 set of hands, now at a time, when the entire college system is broken due to greed and the virtuous Jewish creed of championing the underdog, in this case, stupid coloreds and other undeserving non-whites, unfit for college learning.

  5. Ryu: Sidetracking, believe or not. You might like the wites who work for the FBI. It’s one of the few Uncle Beast outfits with the least amount of MINOs. And there’s hardly any Jews. Jews like to be sedentary vampires, investigation-law enforcement isn’t made out for them. I’m surprise no one has called them out for it. And besides, the FBI don’t like to cooperate with the local authorities.

    wites who work for the FBI are lot more interested in hearing the themes addressed here, than let’s say a dumb Mick O’Reilly donut muncher from the NYPD. I say this because the guys who work for them know what the hell is going on with Murka. They are more educated. They’re in shape. They’re not stupid, they just need to make a living, and thus submit to the status quo out of necessity. And they aren’t on the same boat with the Brandonwites who work on Wall St, or some other NYC parasitic industry to appease their Jew Lords in return for heaps of money, to finance a hedonistic lifestyle.

  6. And FP: What’s with this fundraising thing with Stormcunt? Don Black has plenty of money. It’s not like it going into a slush fund for ammunition. The guy is a grifter.

    [ed note: after decades of promoting wn and waving the rotten Murkn corpse in front of the faces of oblivious morons, he’s figured out he can’t save idiots so the only solution is Retire with some cash.]

    • Stormfront draws a ton of heat. Donny needs a lot of cash to keep it running. He must have infiltrators and agents galore on there by now. I doubt he profits much by it.

      • SF is pretty much useless as a site. He’s better off training people for an upcoming rev, than to waste time on it. With his exposure, he should be doing more hardcore stuff. They already know who he is.

        [ed note: if sf was effective it would have spurred some success in 3 decades. it is dead – not bc of its failure – but the failure of the indifferent wyte audience. talk is cheap]

    • DB “renounced” his KKK affiliation. This he tells the world, that he’s softened his stance on MINOs.

      Being a cuddly nemesis doesn’t cut it with LNs.

      Furthermore, our LNs aren’t even intimidating. Just look at NYC’s Dumpity de Dumbio.

  7. Welcome back FP.
    On Fat Angie – it should be interesting to see how that plays out. Its a money thing. Her control of the media is handy but it comes down to money. Sure she can blame frauliens for being groped by the sand people and say its NTDWI (Nothing To Do With Islam) and everything to do with the mental health problems of her army of butchering niggers. Only for so long though. There’s a load of carpet to sweep the Allahfant in the room, under,in Europe. And a liberal MSM capable of the job.

    To continue –

    The Europeans are pissed off about the Brexit and they should be, the UK politicos are tipping up £53M everyday – 365, to keep the Eurofaggot dream on the road.
    This comes to around £17B per annum and you may say that’s not a lot but its real money, so it counts. Its also got Angie in a flap.

    Here’s the sums – A refugee (from war torn cuntries) costs the Oirish state €32K per annum. A remarkably similar figure to the UK one of £25K .
    So we can say that Angie’s 1M+ sand nigger import of last year costs over €30B to maintain. And hey they’re still coming 🙂 This is real money now, from taxpayers – not some bankers wealth fantasy.

    So what does €30B get you? Well the Brits have just voted to renew their Trident nuclear deterrent. So 3 new Ohio Class subs (The Brits call them something else) and 48 Trident missiles. for the next thirty years.

    There’s been a lot of bullshit about the figures in recent months. With the Germans making remarkable claims, but the sums is easy. And difficult to deny even if you’ve only got nine fingers. Yesterday the German government admitted the true cost.

    My contention is – it won’t be the sword of Allah that brings down these Eurocunts but the massive sums of money they spend cosseting their new zoo of desert monkeys. Hitler failed because he over extended himself. The new SJW Reich will fall for the same reason.

    Boring, I know. but there you have it.

    • With the exception of your limey land, Eurot is still relatively tame in comparison to what we got, essentially an out of control zoo with all kinds of savages under camera surveillance. This has been going on for a long time, at least 2 decades of a police state. We have a police state namely, not because wites are angry and are prone to start trouble. It’s because primitive darkies are the cause of their symptom.

      • The Limeys wrote the book on camera surveillance JS. and probably police state surveillance as well. They just aren’t as in yer face with it More sneaky – if you will.

      • That’s good, Colin. I study the UK because their police state is the world’s largest and most pervasive right now. Most cameras per person anywhere.

      • Way I heard it the chink was all over the nigz in Africa. Givin’ them cars and building them roads to drive them on. Of course this is no guarantee that you will civilise the cunts, And they will probably fuck the roads up by driving chinky tanks down them. Maybe it was some propaganda shit on the BBC – designed to make me want to chuck more money at the starving negro.
        I think the draw was “natural resources” – the chinks are welcome to these savages. Everyone should have a hobby.

    • And one thing you never mention is your lack of concern about women.

      As you should know by now, we have this phenomenon, not found in the continental old world, call the Manosphere or what the pussified men going their own way call the MGTOW or Meow-gtow.

      Recently, there’s been a spike of assaults on obnoxious, urban White women, not just by primitives, but by their own brothers. Sad, it’s going to rot further from now!

      • Get with the groove JS. Gals are breaking through the glass ceilin’ nowadays. Its the current year FFS. Why I understand you guys might be getting a laydee as head of state. An ex presidents wife who made it on her own merit.

      • You make a point.

        The Manosphere is a good indicator on how evolution is suppose to work, survival of the most intelligent and the most attractive, which most Manosphere men are not of this sort. And yes, this indicates the demise of the wite race. Worse, and ironic, the FFOL have given a free pass to non-wites in this regard . They want more destructive primitives to stymied what wites do best, create functional societies.

        Given now that most unattractive women, have written off men of the same physical qualities, proves the same point of devolution.

      • And in terms of ugly men with attractive women, this is what the LN elite wants. A fat ugly heeb with money that one finds in NYC, marrying attractive shiksas as trophy wives.

      • Yikes JS with all the sand nigger action we’re getting over here – I kinda forgot just how much I loathe bastard kikes.

        Hey over here – the Brit niggers are into Black Lives Matter as their new summer diversion. I’m not so sure what their demands are – I think its got something to do with more social welfare for niggers as compensation for being slaves.

    • A few decades more of Mrkn Miggerizing and general corruption means the Mrkn Elite must withdraw its stretched forces and use them domestically to guard LN Ruling Class Penthouses. They will never allow their teeny dog’s house a/c to fail to support an Air Force base at some 1945 battlefield.

      This will force EuroFrankenstein (krauts) to resurrect for defense against the Red Horde. Japs too, vis a vis Chinx.
      As Mrka fades away, this New Dynamic shall create a true New Order. Soviets n’ Chinks will not sit idly by; it’s a state of Chess.

      • The Ruskies are likely to become a NWO, but the gooker nations will fail, due to their cowardice and insularity.

        The Chineemen have been importing niggas at a rate more than that of Spain. Ironically, gookers are also nervous about the global world closing on them. Chiney man failed with Iran as a ally, because Chinx generally hate miggers and any darkie it comes across. It only loves money, but can’t deal with the outside world, where savages are abound.

        witey’s strength has been able to subdue the 3rd world.

  8. “The Chineemen have been importing niggas at a rate more than that of Spain”

    Really? You have sources for that?

  9. @ FP fuck it WordPress just ate my comment to JS on the relationship between the chink and the nigger.
    Yeah the Krauts have no weapons for fighting the Russian menace. They made some good submarines once and gave them to the kikes – to help them get over their allergy to Zyklon B and errm that’s it.
    They are broke, their banks are broke, they need to spend loads of cash “integrating” the new European sand nigger imports.”
    Forget about what they should be doing they need money.
    It sounds boring and uneventful. The death of the United States of Europe, the Fourth Reich, will be brought about by the SJW cunts who run the show running out of cash. Having frittered it on windmills and educatshun and enlightenment for sub-humans.

    • The person who has the final say is not the ‘leaders’ but the accountants. Covington and others have suggested that the way to defeat the LN is to simply bankrupt them. We don’t actually need to defeat them in the field with arms, just make it so expensive for them that the accountants force the Gov’t to give in.

      • how do you really bankrupt our feudal lords? and many people who whine about murka in fact live where our LNs live.

        less consumption, and the exodus of liberal centers, where the degenerate filth is concentrated?

        but middle america and the south are complete wastelands, and then there’s coloreds everywhere, because they have been outpriced by their masters.

        it’s only fight or flee.

      • I too learned that from HAC. He’s a great WN leader. It is too bad he is not more popular.

    • chink and nigger in safari land isn’t our problem.

      chinks are probably rational, because they’re cowards. they’ll abandon the zulus in a few decades.

    • The entire Western Civ is disintegrating from Integration. It’s returning to the Brown from whence it sprung. It is pure Degeneration.

      This shows it has reached an end – unless it reverts to what made it superior. As I see it, this is not happening. The only way it can recover is by eradicating negative influence and that is not happening.

  10. [ryu is correct. first comes the money, then the jew. It’s no only $$$ with the allure: The jew also detects power, for power indirectly brings money. it’s why the jew co-opted Vaudeville, then radio, movies and TV. It IS why there is a Zuckerjew. jew medicine and jew DC lobbyists/pols are recent victories.]

    And then there’s the dullienials and just wites in general, forking out millions to a parasitic landlord, who collects rent money, because his tribe tells everyone that Manhattan, is the greatest festive forn town in the universe.

    • i have been encouraging a few urban wites in real life to leave murka to another wite nation for this reason.

      you paid your rent to a fellow witey up in French Canada, not to a greasy kike in manhattan.

      kike loses when there’s less bloodsucking.

  11. @ adit – I’m swinging to this point of view as it seems to be an effective weapon.(that bizarrely they use against themselves. No doubt there will be those who slag this off as a notion but every avenue must be explored. nothing – at this stage can be rejected

  12. This goes to show how our LNs are just hypocrites all around:

    NYC’s de Dumbio rents out his townhouse at market rental prices (probably to stupid dullienial genBrandons), while complaining that niggas and miggas can’t afford to live in Manhattan.

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