Everything Mossad Ayoob Won’t Write About….Killing Cops

by Ryu

Do cops train to kill other cops?

Absolutely. In the new American tradition, they don’t call it that, but it is the essence of the exercise. I’d bet Ayoob has smoked dozens of young cops. Cop killer!

We need to go to a special place. It is now the last week of academy. Our “hell week” takes place in the “shoot-house.”

The shoot-house is an empty building meant to simulate all those times an officer will be called to clear a house, breach, deal with a barricaded subject, and so on. Inside are other officers and teachers who act as criminals. Sometimes they submit, other times they resist. Virtually no trainee goes through training without dying at least once.

There is some fantastic material to learn. How to shoot through walls and doors, how to ricochet shots off walls and obstacles. If it is dark outside of a door, and you are looking in, sometimes you can see underneath if someone is moving around inside.

Few of the instructors would admit this, but it is FUN to be the criminal. It feels fantastic to take down some hot-dog, hot-shit “authorities.”

A “good” cop learns to play dirty – all the time. It is the only way to survive when one is in the field all the time. We cheat, lie, steal, and plant all in an effort to live. Someone who plays it straight will lose very quickly. The honor is in the survival, not the method.

There is all manner of trickery designed to put the other guy at a disadvantage. Cops don’t believe in fighting fair; nobody does. And the higher and more permanent the stakes, the more and the FASTER the wise will cheat.

Hide and seek with guns.

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