Stealing from the Elites: The Bling Ring

by Ryu

The “Bling Ring” was a high-end B and E crew in Hollywood. They committed dozens of burglaries over a short period. It was composed of one boy and 4 teenage girls.

They took no precautions and didn’t scout their jobs much. They didn’t use disguises, gloves, different shoes, or anything. In most cases they just walked in and out.

It’s worth noting that nearly all of their celebrity victims lived in gated communities with guards and cameras. You cannot “buy” security; those guard companies do not pay well. If they pay for $11/hour of protection, that’s how much they get.

How was the BR caught?

Nothing unusual: too active, working in too large a group, using fences, talking too much, and using social media.

Burglary is a unique crime; it has a clearance rate of only 18%. Most burgalers aren’t caught at the scene. They are caught when they try to get money for their loot. The police and the hock-shop man are very tight. Pawn shops today are a part of the Murkan police state and often require photo IDs.

Burglary is a very “recidivistic” crime, which means that it is repeated. Offenders aren’t caught the first or second time. They get caught after forming a pattern and those patterns begin to add up.

Good criminals are always diversifying, looking at new angles and new cons. It’s necessary. To set a pattern is to invite capture. There are some important forensic features to note.

Many forensic tools are now being used in property crimes. Police justify the expense by considering the recidivistic nature of burglary. They use DNA, shoe impressions, hair, fingerprints, sometimes scent dogs.

Also the tools of the American police state are present: computers, cell phones, cars, credit cards, and CCTV. Some words about investigation – robbery investigation is HARDER than homicide investigation. In about 80% of murders, the suspect and vic know one another. Solving homicides is fairly eary.

There are no burglary investigation true crime TV shows. Not sexy enough I guess. Here is a police vid on burg invesigation. Though it is from the 60s, the basics have not changed at all: focus on point of entry and tracking the loot.

2 Comments to “Stealing from the Elites: The Bling Ring”

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  2. Every entourage is full of thieves and opportunists. They get selected for looks, conformism, popularity, apparent coolness, and skills last. No doubt the Bling Ring supported Hillary Clinton in 2008.

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