Racist Movie of the Week: “Welcome to Leith”

by Ryu


This docu covers how a Nazi leader bought land in a small North Dakota area in order to establish a white settlement there. At the time, the town of Leith had 24 residents. The leader was Craig Cobb.

The movie is basically about how the SPLC grabbed ahold of a story and ran with it. The SPLC functions as a sort of jewish intelligence network within the United States. They flew out agents to Leith to dislodge Cobb; they must have quite a budget.

You know most of the rest of the story.

The jews played the scare card and the citizens bought it while the cops enforced it. The town was inundated with antifas, journos, agitators, and leftists. Most of the protesters were bussed in from the outside.

There are no “legal” revolutions. Naturally, the jews start playing dirty. They most certainly believe in using violence. They vandalize and intimidate. They slash tires and spray-paint a car. Also, arson.

You’ll also see how crooked American politics is. The brainwashed whites pass ordinances to try to kick the Nazis out. There were some fake charges pressed against the Nazis with a 5 year sentance being threatened. Eventually that is pled out after prosecuters get one to testify against the other.

This movie demonstrates how there is NO legal way for WN to win….ever!

America is a police state here and now. And virtually 100% of the population supports it. There are no innocents here. I will be pointing this out anytime there are tears over “good”, “normal” people suffering. Anyone questioning that must watch this movie to see how the innocents think and act.

I salute Craig Cobb and Kynan Dutton for their devotion to the cause. It is a myth that Americans stopped dying for their freedom.

16 Comments to “Racist Movie of the Week: “Welcome to Leith””

  1. The full version is also on youtube, if you can handle the French subtitles.

  2. I agree with most of that, this is why we see such a push in the media against ‘domestic’ terrorists.

  3. What doubts? Just look at the video again.

    You’re in fucking denial that hedonistic wites in Murka aren’t just as degenerate and degrading as niggas and miggas.

    The East Village in NYC is one of the hotpots where young wite GenBrandons and GenBritneys live and play. We all know SWPL types dine on a multicult array of sushi, curry, falafel and kobe beef with their dinner repertoire, and often than not, miggas make their food, and niggas clean up after their mess.

  4. Here’s another video for you, also in a trendy SWPL neighborhood at night, but in Brooklyn, about a month ago:

    The suspect here is described as a wite male.

    • Yes and George Zimmerman was also described by the press as a White male.

      I understand though. You’re a spic who thinks he is White so you don’t actually know what a White male is.

      My guess is that both attackers are Ashkenazi. But who knows.

      • You might be right, given the fact that these 2 purported Jews have eluded authorities. A colored would have been caught by now.

        The female victims could have been snarly Jewesses, so who cares?

    • Great vid, JS. I’m surprised that still happens in NYC.

      • I see a lot of frustrated wite players in NYC nowadays, because everything is tight. Less money means less fun and less PU$$Y play. There are no jobs for those who want one, either you have money or you don’t. No money means no fun to those who are addicted to it. You need connections to get a high paying job, and all the low paying ones are now reserved for MINOs. So yes, it’s officially Murka and getting worse.

      • JS, is PKS/Eradican still alive? Can you have him holla at me? I want to rap to him about something.

        [ed note: do a post search and find it’s addy…oh, and tell him i wanna blow my load in his baby smooth kwte Millennial face]

      • I have no idea if FP or Eradican will be coming back. It doesn’t seem like it now, given their absence for months. Truthfully, not much can be done. Either you try to slay the Murkan beast or not.

  5. In my neighborhood the honkies are ultra conformist rule sticklers and HOA enforcers with a huge blind spot for the barbarisms of other tribes.

    The only hope I can see? Pray for nuclear terrorism.

    • You got that right!

      Bystander effect in wites of all classes is the norm. Then there’s apathy.

      This rash attack on urban whores, also reinforces the idea of a backlash, towards women with Murkan smugness.

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