Inside Your Car is the Most Dangerous Place to Be

by Ryu

Anyone who studies cop-killing has to notice that virtually all of them happen while the officer is inside his car.

While inside your car, you’re trapped. You can only see what is in front of you and a bit of the sides. The seat holds your body and arms in place. There are many blindspot, and no way to get out but to open the door.

Cops know these things too. Why do you think they DEMAND that you stay in the car while you sit there?

“Don’t move motherfucker! Just sit there and look straight ahead!”

Cops don’t sit during a patrol stop. They get out, so they can move. They know about the blindspots in the rear right and rear left. In fact, many officers don’t wear their seatbelt, so they can get out faster.

The police techniques of misdemeanor and felony stops are all centered around keeping the mark in his car and locked in place.

Cops don’t play fair. Anyone thinks they do – is being conned themselves. EVERYTHING the police accuse “the bad guys” of doing, they themselves do.

Little known secret: cops tricks work against cops. Cops have a blind spot in that they too think all cops are good. They are always shocked when one of their own isn’t loyal to the group.

To this end, we shall begin a new series of police techniques: how to cuff a suspect, how to perform a field interview, how to perform a manhunt, etc. Because everything they do is also done by criminals, as is best demonstrated by home invasion/SWAT raid equivalence.

Below is a video on how to perform an ordinary traffic stop. For those who truly want to learn, one has to watch many videos many times and take notes.

9 Comments to “Inside Your Car is the Most Dangerous Place to Be”

  1. “In fact, many officers don’t wear their seatbelt, so they can get out faster.”

    Which is why so many are killed or maimed by their own recklessness. In my old stomping grounds one T-boned a (non-suspect) motorist just this year. Years prior, another lost a few limbs to a guardrail…responding to the town drunk. Adrenaline junkies naturally accelerate to their next fix.

    • Yep. More cops are killed driving than by bullets or anything else. I think the number is 400-500 pigs per year die of bad driving.

  2. I was watching “Entourage” on HBO a couple years ago and couldn’t understand why all these big name actors would want to make cameos on it.

    Then it occurred to me- “Everybody likes to be on TV”. Even a actor who has been in Scorsese movies. Even an NFL star.

    And so, because everybody likes to be on TV, we see these cops reveal their secrets- so they can be on a television show.

    These guys strike me as well-spoken- able to say the things they know they are supposed to say, in an earnest, mostly convincing matter- but not very bright. Like an Army officer, or your dimmer sort of Marine officer.

    • Good one, Thrashy. Yes, cops too want their 15 minutes of sunshine today.

      Cops and soldiers are hired for their obediance, not for how bright they are. Much of their power, I believe, comes from their numbers and their enormous budgets.

  3. Fundamentals matter. The only times I was tailed was when I forgot to replace my tag stickers and a passenger didn’t wear seatbelt.

  4. Bicycles are a useful tool for DA. They are considered to be a forum of transportation by faggots, but they allow you to move quickly, can be stashed anywhere and can be replaced faster than a car. Plus theres a few bicycle pumps out there that can double as concealed weapons.

    • Indeed they are. Bikes are one of the very few forms of anonymous transportation that are left in Murka. Of course, one still has to be careful for tire impression evidence, being seen or seen on CCTV, and so one.

      It is a credit to you that you know that. And about the pump zip guns. Not many ppl know those things.

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