Hitting the Jews Where It Hurts…

by Ryu

…their pocketbook.

Nothing so outrages the jew as losing money. He hates when others steal from him, as he steals from whites.

There are two types of crimes: crimes against property and crimes against people. In general, the clearance rate for property crimes is about 20% and for personal crimes about 60%.

Stealing from the jews enriches the white race; it is a great honor to the one who performs it.

Direct action takes many forms. The ultimate forms get all the press. However, many DAAs have commited crimes against property and have gotten away with it.

Bob Matthews was an absolutely terrific bank robber; robbery is a crime against people, but the principle holds. His crew pulled the greatest armored car heist in American history and he netted about 3.2 million dollars. Not all of his work was heavy.

Sometimes, these videos at the end are like a little door; we get to see who wants to walk through and see the other side. Don’t be satisfied with one reality, when many are available.

8 Comments to “Hitting the Jews Where It Hurts…”

  1. Unfortunately will get harder as cash becomes obsolete. The largest heists of recent years have been Bitcoin hackings and high-level financial manipulations by well-connected insiders.

    • I predict future crimes will involve people trying to establish their own financial and economic networks outside the System, where they can’t be taxed, regulated, or monitored.

      The FBI will smile at rape epidemics, but brutally crack down on digital currencies and exchange and trade networks. The government wants to control everyone, and extract constant taxes through fear and dread.

      • I pretty much agree. This is where some of the WN2.0 guys make their mistake. They think they can create a parallel system to starve the system to death and thus never have to sling lead. If a parallel system springs up (doesn’t matter who starts it) once the system realizes what is happening they will go after them with the blinding hate of a thousand suns. Any parallel system will have to work similar to the mafia using bribary and force to keep the system at bay.

        “The government wants to control everyone, and extract constant taxes through fear and dread.”
        It just dawned on me that it will be one mafia trying to take down another one. Since the jew were/are big in organized crime its no wonder that the FedGov works more and more like a classic mafia. Basically, the FEDGov is now in the protection racket. The IRS are the bagmen and the FBI the enforcers. Oh the irony!

  2. I believe I mentioned this on another thread once but here goes. I was told that the IRA started making real headway when they stopped bombing the poor plods (the elites could care less, they just hire more) and started bombing financial centers, etc. They targeted the buildings after closing time, so there would be no/minimal collateral damage so that they didn’t have anything to whine about in the press. Once they started doing that the Brits couldn’t get to the table fast enough. The elites only care about their shekels, nothing more.

  3. Ryu: It turns out that the religious Jews in NYC also their get funding for their vigilante police from taxpayers’ money, where they can protect themselves from pesky coloreds. Just think of all the stupid genBrandons that come to NYC to get a high paying job, where part of their paycheck pays for things like this:


    Just imagine if WNs can get their own police force from gov’t sources, which is impossible.

    • Wow, JS. That’s amazing. I’m not surprised they get the taxpayer to pay for it though. That’s typical jew trick. I’ll look into this more.

      • Jews of the entire religious to non-religious spectrum have been capitalizing on wites and coloreds for many decades.

        Non-Religious Jews occupy the power halls of Manhattan-Wall St, DC and Hollywood. They also control 99% of NYC’s most lucrative real estate in the priciest neighborhoods. Per FP, in less desirable areas, Jews use coloreds as their wild pets, sort of a demolition crew, where they defecate and destroy their environs. Then Jewlords relocate their beloved coloreds, as to stop the destruction so they can pave way for witeBrandons and witeBritneys, and charge them an arm and a leg, so they can feast, fuck and fuss in the “greatest cesspool in the world”.

        Religious Jews rely on their non-religious cohorts to fleece dumb goyim when it comes taxpayers’ money so they can enjoy their privilege as a “protected class”, with all the amenities at the expense of everyone else.

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